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Parse all text between the td-tags?


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Can someone please, PLEASE explain to me how i can extract/parse all the text between the td-tags?

Ex. Blyfri 95, 12,33 kr, 12,18 kr, - 10 öre, 30 dec

<table class="table-standard" style="width: 90.05%; height: 209px;">
            <th> Obemannad</th>
            <p><span style="background-color: #ededed;"> </span>ändring</p>
            <th> Gäller fr.o.m.</th>
            <td> Blyfri 95</td>
            <td> 12,33 kr</td>
            <td> 12,18 kr</td>
            <td><span> - 10 öre</span></td>
            <td>  30 dec</td>
            <td> Blyfri 98</td>
            <td> 12,83 kr</td>
            <td> 12,68 kr</td>
            <td> - 10 öre</td>
            <td>  30 dec</td>
            <td> Etanol E85</td>
            <td>  9,43 kr</td>
            <td>  9,28 kr</td>
            <td> + 10 öre</td>
            <td>  22 dec</td>
            <td> Diesel</td>
            <td> 12,62 kr</td>
            <td> 12,47 kr</td>
            <td> - 10 öre </td>
            <td>  30 dec</td>

Thanks in advance...

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