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How do you know if you've been breached?

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I've recently started tracking visitors, simple incrementers on load that gather IP address and webpage.


For the most part they are bots but I've been seeing the webpages they are trying to access which many don't exist but they have me concerned


Man I can't believe this thing is targeting the server so much and this is only today that I've began gathering data.


I've had this server online for at least a month now












So... how do I know when I am no longer safe? What is safe anyway?

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I have the IP and I've looked them up in ip look up websites


I suppose I ought to do a pattern recognition thing, IP's looking for this sort of thing are automatically blocked 


I'd appreciate any thoughts regarding this situation


How do you block an IP anyway?

Do something like "If this ip, exit(); " ?

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That's very normal for a website. It's a malicious bot trying to find common weaknesses in your app. No point in blocking it really. There are thousands out there roaming the net looking for vulnerabilities in websites. This is why we stress security and building secure apps so much around here.

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How do you know if it is secure?


I was looking at some pages.


It would be nice to have weekly or even daily export at a certain time of databases and storing of source code.






I imagine even if you did something like live output of the server processes not just the 1 min 5 min 15 min thing, somehow something can get by undetected.


There is so much to cover.


Anyway thanks for your response. More to add to the to-learn list.

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