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Recommend Php Book For Beginners


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Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am interested in learning php programming. I do not have any programming background in any other programming languages be it computer programming (C, C++, C#, Perl, Java, etc.) or web programming ( Server Side: Php, Perl Cgi, Python, Ruby on Rails; Clientside: Javascript, Xml, Xhtml, CSS, etc.).
I only know basic Html and currently use a bot programmign tool "Ubotstudio" but that's all.
Can you be kind enough to recommend me a paper book where I can learn php without getting confused ? It must teach the latest stable version.

Q1. Which php version is stable and which version is installed on webhosts the most ? 5.5.8 ? If so, where can I get a paper book to learn it or where can I learn it online from some free tutorial ?
I actually prefer to learn it from a paper book as I am not always connected to the internet. I am using internet cafe to send this  message/post.
I was just checking Amazon now but a lot of books meant for the beginners have got bad reviews/ratings from customers and that has left me confused and worried.
The book must be for total beginners and not for intermediate or advanced programmers.
It must not leave out any basics but teach it.
Must teach the full default library (all the "Commands", "Functions", "Sub functions", "Syntaxes" or whatever that exists in the language from top to bottom and not miss out anything. Must teach the full grammer of the language and not leave-out anything).
You may recommend any free tutorial websites too but like I said I actually prefer to learn it from a paper book as I am not always connected to the internet. I am using internet cafe to send this message/post.

Q2. What is Php frame work ? Reusable code blocks meant for a specific task such as deal with database, etc. ?
If so, I'm not interested in getting into heaviuly learning one framework and not learn the full language.
No good being just an eye specialist or a bone specialist (one field only). Might aswell be a general doctor (GP) that knows a little bit of all fields. I think you know what I mean. Let's learn the basics of the general stuffs first (the core of the language), I can them later-on move-on to other fields such as database, etc.
And so, the book must not concentrate on one field only such as to build CMS or Social Network Account Logins or Forums or Database (MySql) because then I'd only learn one aspect of php and not the basics. In short, I want to learn the basics of the language and get a strong background in it. I prefer to build php scripts for Unix/Linux, Apache Webserver using MySql database. Book must teach step by step. Must teach A, B, C then 1, 2, 3 and 1+1=2, 2*2=4, 5-2=3, 25/5=5 and so on before jumping into the algebra and geometry (if you understand what I mean when we speak in terms of learning basic English and Maths).
I don't want to program in one version and then see my webhost uses another version. Currently, my webhost is Hostgator.
If I have come to the wrong department/category then kindly forward this message/post to whoever can help.
I await every php lover's reply.



Where did you learn php ? WHich website you used and which paper book ? Were they good or not so good or bad ?

PS - What do you think about this book:

It seems it's not a paper version. Do you reckon it will do the job or not ?

PPS - if you can't recommend any paper books then do you recommend any website where I can go and printout the tutorials ?
The website must qualify all that I said earlier about the book.

Anyway, I was expecting the Php Board to provide basic teachings of the language on their website but I'm disappointed to see they don't!

Thank You

Mr. Ali

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If you can afford a learnable account, that is a good option. You basically have access to their complete library and there are a number of books as well as online courses you can take. The books can be downloaded in a variety of formats so you can read them offline with different reader apps like Kindle or as a pdf.


One book that sounds appropriate for you would be: https://learnable.com/books/php-mysql-novice-to-ninja-5th-edition


I wouldn't worry about the latest/greatest book until such time as you are already at least comfortable with PHP Oop, as many of the recent changes have been in that area of the language and will unneeded by you and hard to grasp initially.


You want something that teaches you all the core programming concepts first. As QOC stated above, you should at least attempt to go through the official tutorial until such time as you feel you are lost and not able to follow. With that said, most intro books also walk you through getting a localhost environment of some sort setup. The latest version of PHP of course has a built-in web server that's easy to start up, but you will very quickly want a database like mysql, and perhaps other things from there.

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