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Need to allow multiple php versions / what do I ask to be setup?

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I'm in the process of switching servers. My previous server was both hosted, and managed, but I'm moving to an in-house server, that is only managed.


All accounts on the server our mine, and I'm not a reseller. I have sites that I need to run on different versions of php, and I even have lines that exist in my .htaccess files that look similar to this:



AddHandler application/x-httpd-php52 .php


I want the new management company to make it so these same lines work, and tell the specific site to run on php version 5.2. I've tried to explain to them what I want done, but I'm not getting anywhere with them.


The server is already setup with CentOS, Apache, and a form of Nginx, and cpanel. Can someone help me with what module, package, etc. that I need to ask them to install or setup, so that I can get these lines to work in my .htaccess files?



Thanks for any help!



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There comes a time when people should use current versions, or at least close to current as possible.

PHP 7 is right around the corner


What's sad is you can only use up to PHP 5.4 in CentOS

Using those old versions places your entire server at risk.



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What's sad is you can only use up to PHP 5.4 in CentOS

That's not entirely true. The official repository only goes to 5.4, but you can easily install 5.6 or 7 with RPM's or compiling from source. Also, contributors will still fix security bugs for package versions in the official repositories.


And, running multiple PHP versions on the same server is pretty clunky. There isn't really any good reason to do that. If you need two different versions get two different servers.

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