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Creating a database or... (CAR/TYRE guys take a look)

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So, I have a .pdf file which contains information on car tyre parameters (which tyre fits where).

The mission is to have that data to show up on a website for the user to be able to search/view it.

There is around 30 000 entries and before I go and start copying them one by one into my HTML tables or database I would like to know if you guys got any ideas if I can somehow fasten that process (or do it in another way?).

Even better, if you know any kind of API or something that I can just add to website ( example : http://www.michelin.co.uk/ ) that would be great.

I don't want to iframe-lame it.


Thank you & have an awesome day!

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If you don't mind too much, I'm going to remove that link you posted. Drive-by malware is not cool.



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It'd totally expect you could copy/paste those pages (probably many at a time, or even all at once) into Excel or Google Sheets, then get a CSV version of it. That'd make importing very easy.

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Thank you for the answer. I have never done this (PDF->XLSX->CSV). Could you tell me, if this output can be used before I am going to figure out how?

;;;;;;;;;;Rehvide valiku tabel;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Mark;;Mudel;;;Mootor;;;;;;;Laius Kõrgus ZR;;"R """;;LI;SI;XL e4txc4;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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to process a single line like that you can

$str = 'Mark;;Mudel;;;Mootor;;;;;;;Laius Kõrgus ZR;;"R """;;LI;SI;XL e4txc4;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;';
$data = array_filter(str_getcsv($str,';'));  // ignore empty values 
echo '<pre>',print_r($data, true),'</pre>';  // view the data array

which gives

    [0] => Mark
    [2] => Mudel
    [5] => Mootor
    [12] => Laius Kõrgus ZR
    [14] => R "
    [16] => LI
    [17] => SI
    [18] => XL e4txc4

To process the whole file you use fgetcsv, which is similar.

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