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  1. Any particular reason you aren't doing a normal form? Like <form method="post"> <label>SID: <input type="text" name="sid"></label> <button type="submit">Submit</button> </form> Because what you're doing is... I don't know? You've got bits and pieces of multiple paradigms going on in here, and none of them are going to work like that.
  2. More like PhpSpreadsheet doesn't support something that's... well, it's weird, to put form elements into a spreadsheet. That's not what spreadsheets are for. If you want better automation, have you considered VBA? Subscribing is half of it. Are your notification settings set up to send you emails? Check your spam folder, just in case?
  3. It sure looks like that function used to exist, but I can't find it anywhere in WP's history... It's probably a dumb function anyway: try replacing the line with $result = $theme_default_options[$name];
  4. It'll be fine if you do this in a way that isn't perfect. Namely, by not using jQuery and instead using inline Javascript events. First, take your link, make it open the content page in the frame if it doesn't already, and then add an onclick that calls a Javascript function. It should look something like this: <a target="content" href="doc1.htm" onclick="andAlsoDoc2();"> Inside the menu page (not doc1 or doc2) add the Javascript for that function. Its code goes like <script> function andAlsoDoc2() { window.parent.frames["menu2"].location.assign("doc2.htm"); } </script> That looks in the parent window (which is the one with the frames), finds the frame named "menu2", and makes it navigate to doc2.htm. Notice that the function does not "return false": doing so would prevent the original action (ie. browsing to doc1) from happening, and you do want it to happen.
  5. Normally you solve this problem by not using frames. Is that an option? How much work are you willing to put into this? The alternative is Javascript: make your link open one of the pages (I suggest the content page) normally, then use Javascript to "open" the discography page in the other frame as well.
  6. They all have some sort of HTML you can copy into a page that will display what you want.
  7. Frames? There's a few approaches here. What's the nature of doc1 and doc2, and why do you need to load both of them at once?
  8. I mention Homebrew because it's the easiest way (so I hear) to install packages on a Mac. You know, so you don't have to deal with any of this stuff.
  9. The purpose of downloading is to get the files onto your computer. Any of those options shown above are capable of doing that, so feel free to choose the one that works easiest for you.
  10. CommonMark is not compatible with PHP 8 yet. https://github.com/krakjoe/cmark/issues/21 Uninstall, then try downloading this version and phpize ./configure make install
  11. You've restated the problem like you first did last week. What progress have you made with the example code that has been given to you? What code do you have now? What is happening with it, and what were you expecting to happen?
  12. Does that mean sessions are working and persistent? And you just can't figure out where the data is being stored?
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