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  1. I saw nothing in the documentation to explain this, and I'm confident that this is both concrete5's fault and something that they should fix. For you, a) Create a CSS file for overriding this kind of stuff, define a new font-family like "Glyphicons Halflings 2" with correct srcs, and override .ccm-ui .glyphicon and whatever else to use the corrected font-family b) Fix the concrete5 files directly
  2. Having already deleted the download, I remember seeing them in app.css. If you want to be more precise, search for "glyphicons-halflings-regular". Basically any instance of that will be wrong.
  3. The line numbers are irrelevant. The problem is whatever CSS is referencing those fonts, and a simple search for "glyphicons" should find it quickly. Spoiler: concrete5 screwed up the path and filenames.
  4. The downside to files, like actual files on the server, is that they need to be cleaned up after a while. If generating the text isn't particularly problematic then I would do it from scratch every time it's needed - be that the first display or an additional download.
  5. All followers of the PHP Coding Help forum have been removed due to issues with old accounts and email spam. If you would like to receive notifications of new topics posted in that forum, please re-follow by using the Follow box in the top-right-ish corner of the forum's index page.
  6. All three pairs are pretty darn close to 16 minutes apart. There's a cronjob running every minute. I'm going to set it to every three minutes and see if that changes the timing.
  7. Looks like it's just those two - you have another notification that isn't duplicated. And I'm not seeing anyone else with the problem. I'm inclined to call it a fluke. Race condition. Too many processes at once. Give it a day or two and see if more happen?
  8. An egregious understatement of what Composer does is that it downloads files. If you need to reference some of those files in your application, notably Javascript or CSS or other client-side assets, then yes: you still have to code that into your application. The bit that Composer does automatically is for PHP classes, which is to create a single file you can include (again, you have to make your application do it) that will automatically pull in whatever classes the libraries provide. To learn how to use x3dom, I suggest starting with the tutorial.
  9. requinix

    Using # on Unix

    Don't do it. Whoever did it probably thought they were being clever, but now you come along and you have no idea what the significance of it is. Name stuff appropriately.
  10. There are many methods. A simple one is to store a last modified time with the data. It should be updated when the data changes, and it would be best if it was handled automatically by the database (and all database software can do that) so you don't have to worry about it. Include the current modification time in the edit form as a hidden input so that when your script processes the form, it can check if the modification time from the form still matches the one in the database. If the times don't match then you show the form back to the user with some appropriate message. An improvement is to have the page periodically check with the server to see if there were changes. You can then present that to the user when it happens and the user can do what they want. Keep in mind if you are periodically checking that it might be user A makes their changes just before user B tries, so your form code still has to check for modifications before it saves; the checks on the page are to help make the user's life a little easier, not yours. Another method is to detect the actual changes made by the user, which means you have to remember what the data was - probably with hidden inputs. When user B changes the dateRun, you can tell from the original data that the dateRun in the database hasn't changed so it's safe to update that field. This is more complicated, so better suited if you expect multiple users to be editing the same object at the same time somewhat frequently, but don't expect them to be editing the same fields in the object. The most professional solution is first to understand why you have multiple users editing the same thing. You have both a technical problem of overwriting changes but also a human problem of two people probably not knowing what the other is doing. Which means you can't truly fix this until you can resolve both problems.
  11. In other words, if you have a problem with your code then you should probably post your code.
  12. This will be easier if you can post here the relevant parts of the code, rather than ask people to download something. In all likelihood, the map and data is going to be gated behind an "if there is data" check. What you do is move the map part out of that check and leave the data part inside.
  13. You should do this with Javascript and canvas, not PHP. But you'll still have to come up with the math to do what you want. I'm thinking parametric equations. Fun stuff.
  14. Looks like multiple linear and/or radial gradients. How are you at math? You'll need some. More than some.
  15. Whatever you did or installed, you didn't get it right. You're missing at least that one file. Probably others.
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