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  1. On the screen as people are taking the video? I would be very surprised if that was possible. If you need to tell them something, do so on the page before they activate the control.
  2. Once it's installed, sure. But it's not installed by default.
  3. If you need something simple to test a simple site then you can use PHP's built-in server. If you need something more complicated then you're going to have to spend disk space to get it. If you don't need a database then you can install Apache/nginx on its own - if you don't mind configuring them yourself. No? But it is available to install - at least in Pro, not sure about Home.
  4. Apache and PHP do not want to own files. They want to be able to read files, and just like books from a library, they do not have to own the files to be able to read them. For the shared server, you need to find out whether PHP runs as its own user or as your same user account. You must answer this with a webpage, not from a login shell: a webpage that echo exec("whoami"), or uses phpinfo(), or some other method. If PHP runs as the same user as your own account: - All files and directories should be owned by your user account and group - File permissions should be 0640 or 0644
  5. "Won't post" isn't a particularly helpful description. What have you done to troubleshoot this yourself so far? Checked for error messages? Spam folders? Tried using different email accounts, both for sending as well as receiving?
  6. When you log in as a user and then ask the system who you are, it will tell you that you are the user you logged in as. I'm not talking about shell access. I'm talking about PHP when it runs on your website. You have root/sudo access on a shared hosting server? Are you sure it's a shared hosting server? As in there are multiple people with access to the same server your site is on? PHP the application. If your setup uses mod_php then PHP runs as whatever user Apache runs as. If your setup uses php-fpm then PHP runs as whatever user php-fpm is set to run as.
  7. One is Javascript, one is not. Does what you have now work? Is there anything that says it's obsolete or deprecated? If not then keep using it.
  8. This is a link to the page. The link does not matter once you arrive on that page. If you want to do something with that page then the link to the page is not where you should be focusing your efforts. If the scraping is all done in PHP and there is no output of any kind (or you can remove all of the output already there) then all you have to do is use a header() redirect at the end of the script.
  9. For both questions it depends on the server setup. Even with shared hosting there are multiple approaches. The questions you need answers to are: 1. What user is PHP running as? 2. What group is PHP running as? 3. Do you have a personal "billybob" group too? (Probably.) 4. What other groups do your user account belong to? On shared hosting, it's somewhat common for PHP to run under your own user account. It has exactly the same access to files and directories as you do. It sounds like that is the setup you have. If that's the case then there isn't much point messing around wi
  10. What's happening behind the scenes is a matter of 32-bit versus 64-bit integers. You know how everything is 64-bit now, right? That's kinda true. Signed (=capable of representing positive and negative values) 32-bit integers are limited to +/- 2.1 billion. If each of those is 1 second and you start counting from January 1970 then that stops sometime in January 2038. A lot of software is still 32-bit, but less and less each year. Signed 64-bit integers are limited to... well, a very large number in the unfathomably-distant future - which is to say, as far as timestamps are concerned, it'
  11. PHP won't try to guess your timezone. Tell it explicitly what you want with date.timezone. Like realistically, how often are you moving servers?
  12. No. Using eval is a really bad idea. There are always better solutions to problems than using eval. $num is the only unknown part, right? Look at this: $gm = array( 9 => array( "hodds" => $games[53]["BP"], "aodds" => $games[52]["BP"] ) ); echo $gm[$num]["hodds"]; Really easy.
  13. If you want to submit the form and redirect then you cannot do it with any Javascript or other alterations to the button itself. Has to be PHP. What is the code that handles the form submission?
  14. Have you looked at the HTML source of the page? To confirm that the links really are not being outputted, as opposed to some CSS issue that's hiding them from you?
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