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  1. Find the configuration and change it to allow your extensions. If you don't want to bother because you don't happen to remember exactly what it is you need to change or where then give up and do something else with your time.
  2. mod_php and php-fpm work differently. For the former it's in the server configuration, for the latter it's in the site configuration.
  3. Apache doesn't magically know that .php files go through PHP. That has to be configured. And the very same configuration that says the .php extension goes through PHP can be modified to say that other extensions do too.
  4. What is the code to come up with the original data? Might it be easier to adjust that to not return/include the zero values?
  5. WSDLs are also helpful on the server side for much the same reasons, so it'd be surprising if they didn't have one. It's also fairly standard for SOAP to publish them because they're so helpful. Does http://legit.com/endpoint/givenlocation.asmx?wsdl happen to work?
  6. requinix

    background-image failure

    You're using a relative URL. Don't do that. They're relative. Use an absolute URL.
  7. I know only slightly more about SOAP than a squirrel, but I believe normally these things work by you providing a WSDL for SoapClient to read from.
  8. Your request is missing the namespace. It's not literally the name "username" that the SOAP endpoint wants to see but an element with the local name "username" in the "http://givenNamespace.com" namespace. These would all work: <functionCall xmlns="http://givenNamespace.com"> <username>...</username> </functionCall> <foo:functionCall xmlns:foo="http://givenNamespace.com"> <foo:username>...</foo:username> </foo:functionCall> Or similar versions - as long as an xmlns with the right URI is in the hierarchy.
  9. What happens if you go to http://legit.com/endpoint/givenlocation.asmx manually? Errors? Redirect?
  10. Sounds like a problem with VueCSV. Considered looking for another package that does CSV?
  11. What happens if you do that install command it suggests?
  12. So if you do it one way, one thing is undefined, and if you do it the other way, the other thing is undefined? If you're using app.js to bundle everything then try using it to bundle everything.
  13. ...the one you're including after VueCSV?
  14. If that the app.js you're including after everything else?
  15. Where is Vue being loaded from?

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