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  1. You're expecting way, way too much from it. PHP isn't a human being. It can't look at all your code at once and understand how every little thing is connected. It definitely won't be able to know that a particular button that you outputted is related to some particular code, let alone what the code was doing at a very specific moment while it was running. If you want things to work a certain way then you must be absolutely explicit about it every step of the way. Want a button to correspond to a certain row? Make sure that the button itself includes some value from the row, then write code that takes the value and looks up the row data. Then think about what you've done and ask yourself whether you've told PHP to do exactly what you wanted to happen.
  2. $_SESSION["Title"] = $row['Title']; $_SESSION["PerfDate"] = $row['PerfDate']; $_SESSION["PerfTime"] = $row['PerfTime']; How do you expect this to work when you are dealing with multiple rows? What do you think it will do?
  3. Where did you get those numbers? From the Bootstrap v3 documentation?
  4. How about my second question? Did you find an answer to that?
  5. PHP can do a lot of very different things so there isn't just one particular place you could start. My advice is to think of a small project you'd like to make for yourself and start working on it. Break it down into small tasks you can accomplish one at a time, and check with PHP: The Right Way if you're not sure how to do something.
  6. A basic understanding of what glob() is and how it works. The kind of understanding one should be able to pick up by reading the documentation for a few seconds.
  7. Not everything has to go through dependency injection. It's okay to hardcode some class names. You can always refactor later. If, on the other hand, you know right now that you want to inject those SomeOtherClass instances, pass the container to your constructor and configure the container to create them. Regarding not creating things in a constructor, that's not quite right. What's not necessarily good is creating dependencies in the class. Which is sometimes a nebulous term - see also my first sentence.
  8. How wide is your display? What are the thresholds for what Bootstrap considers to be sm and md?
  9. That all sounds very consistent with the "putting code which creates the array into an include file" strategy.
  10. In PHP, it's basically either associative or not. An array. Sometimes "list". Not just string. Associative is when the keys have some sort of particular meaning. You could have an associative array for weekday names. You could also have a non-associative ("list") array for weekday names. And they could even be the same thing. What matters is how the array is used. Yes: by creating an array where you define the first entry.
  11. I don't know, you tell me. Does it work?
  12. As long as your files only ever have the one period in their names, I guess. Otherwise I would tell you to get the name without the extension, add your suffix, and then add the extension. pathinfo() would help with that.
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