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  1. The current "the IDE everyone is using" is VS Code. It's a multi-purpose IDE which means you install extensions to do whatever you want. And for better or worse, there are a lot of extensions. For PHP development specifically, PhpStorm is basically the reigning champion.
  2. Do you still feel the same way if I tell you that MySQL caches queries in memory? That if you prepare a statement one time, preparing it again later will be easier? That to an extent, queries themselves are cached too? In other words, that kind of performance isn't something you need to worry about right now, and the level of performance you should care more about is of the queries themselves.
  3. AMPPS or WAMP or XAMPP or whatever, they're all basically the same thing. They're convenient for primarily Windows and Mac people who don't want to have to set up a local environment manually the "normal" way. Go ahead and use it if you like it. Just make sure you have a similar web server (eg, Apache or nginx) and about the same versions of PHP and MySQL as your live site. Would suck to find out your code you wrote for PHP 8 locally doesn't work as well on a PHP 7 server, right?
  4. Oh. Also, when it comes to new features, if you're not sure where in the manual you have to look to find more information about them, try the RFC list. https://wiki.php.net/rfc Constructor Property Promotion's mentions the different ways it could handle attributes, and that it opts for making attributes on arguments apply both to the arguments and the promoted properties.
  5. It would be easier to do this with Javascript, actually, by creating an <a> with the SVG data plus a special "download" attribute. Example: <svg id="svg">...</svg> <div id="download" class="container"></div> <script> (function() { var a = document.createElement("a"); a.href = "data:image/svg;base64," + btoa(document.getElementById("svg").outerHTML); a.download = "segment.svg"; document.getElementById("download").appendChild(a); })(); </script>
  6. requinix

    Video script

    There's a lot here that can be involved so you'll need to do some learning on your own. The main things to learn about are: the <video> element and the basics about how HTML and CSS work together. Can you create a page that has just the video in it and playable?
  7. Once you send that information to my browser, I can screw around with it however I want. It may have started off as data from your database, but it's not in your database anymore. It's in an HTML form. What's redundant is the fact that your receiving page is going to have to look up the ID in the database anyways, which is the same place the category name is being stored. You are looking up the ID in the database, right? How else would you know that the ID you're receiving in the form is valid? It sounds like you might not be doing that. Exactly: the price is not something that should be in the form, and when you want it, you look up the price in your database according to the ID. Because putting it into the form means someone could go change the value however they see fit. Actually you're trying to do the opposite: put something in the form and then not look it up in the database later.
  8. Promoted properties are also arguments to the constructor. Your constructor has no arguments. The rest isn't important.
  9. When in doubt, a good first step would be to check if the online documentation has anything to say on the subject. In this case, it does.
  10. requinix

    Video script

    Fortunately your question has nothing to do with PHP, which is why the thread is now located in the HTML forum. It is fairly straightforward to use HTML to (1) put the video inside some markup container and (2) put an image in that container that will overlap on top of the video. Try that. If you have problems, post the HTML you've written and perhaps even a screenshot. Bonus points for using something like jsfiddle.net that will let you test what you need to do in a way that you can share it with other people.
  11. So you'd be cool with me going into the page (which is in my browser so I can do whatever the hell I want) and change the value of the name only to be anything I wanted? Let's try another example. You're making a checkout page for some online shopping thing. You put into the form the product ID and quantity, because obviously you need to know that. You also tell me the product price, because obviously I need to know that. Do you put the product price into the form as well?
  12. LEFT JOIN users LEFT JOIN timesheets ON st.time_id ON users.user_id = timesheets.timesheet_id Want to give that another shot?
  13. Setting POSTFIELDS to an array means cURL will encode your data in the "multipart" format. Apparently FindByBVN2 does not like that. If you're supposed to send JSON data then you have to send JSON data.
  14. Either you or MAMP would have set up that user and its password. I think that information is available somewhere in phpMyAdmin. Try logging into phpMyAdmin with those credentials and seeing what happens.
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