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  1. if (!empty($titleElements)) { You didn't define $titleElements. Thus the $title is empty...
  2. Sounds like you're not submitting the data in the format the API requires. Check the documentation for what you should be doing and compare it to what you are actually doing. Also, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't that "Select Date" have, you know, some kind of date field associated with it? It's just empty...
  3. Post the row data in those three tables for that customer_id, and include what output you expected to see.
  4. No, because it varies depending on the different CSS and JS frameworks you're using. If you're using a framework then research what it supports in terms of responsive design. If you aren't, and you don't want to start using one, then learn about CSS media queries so you can write your own responsive rules, and also spend some time understanding your target audience so you know what size screens you should be designing for.
  5. Most of the time a responsive design moves horizontal elements gradually vertical. Right now you have Device Info and Network Settings in a left column and the settings themselves in a right column. The first responsive step towards a narrower design is to use one column and make the labels on the left be headings - which they might already be. Device Info ======================================= ... Network Settings ======================================= Ethernet Settings --------------------------------------- DHCP [ ] IP Address [__________] Subnet Mask [__________] Default Gateway [__________] DNS [__________] Side note #1: you really ought to support multiple DNS servers. You could keep the navigation anchors, which I assume exists, by moving the left column into a slide-out menu. To go narrower, you take the two columns of setting name on the left and setting value on the right and merge them into a single column of setting name then setting value. Device Info =================== ... Network Settings =================== Ethernet Settings ------------------- DHCP [ ] Enabled IP Address [_________________] Subnet Mask [_________________] Default Gateway [_________________] DNS [_________________] Side note #2: many interfaces for DHCP present it as a DHCP vs. manual/static option, not just a mere checkbox.
  6. Which API? If you're having trouble making your PHP code work then you'll have to post (the relevant parts of) your PHP code. Because
  7. First guess is that you didn't install correctly everything you needed to install. Because "no such file" (or directory) means the file doesn't exist, and clearly something expects that file to exist, so it probably needs to exist...
  8. To make sure I understand, you have two options: (a) Do three normal INSERT statements, and get the auto-incremented IDs of what you need (b) Do a normal INSERT and then craft a couple INSERT...SELECT queries based on the raw values you want to insert plus a reference or two to the IDs of the new rows you created that hopefully don't have any duplicates I'm thinking you should go for the simpler option.
  9. That's a browser error, not a PHP error. 271k rows of data on a page is ridiculous. Use pagination.
  10. You can't. Not from PHP. But Safari on any Mac that's been updated in the last couple years will support it. There are client-side options, if you really need to know. Or you could just, you know, not serve WEBPs to Safari.
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