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  1. Reminder: these forums use Let's Encrypt certs. They last for 3+ months and we have a cronjob that automatically renews when needed. A free cert that I never have to worry about expiring and renewing by myself is amazing.
  2. You can generate a self-signed cert just for the webserver if you want, but every browser will warn you about it (though they'll allow you to continue anyways). Let's Encrypt is for a publicly accessible website with a proper domain name and DNS setup.
  3. +1 to dropping the unique on the ordering. It doesn't have to be unique. Order by it, then by something else (like the ID). It's okay. I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL and friends. More features. Perhaps better performance.
  4. Do you get a 404 from the server or a 404 from MediaWiki? Are you following these instructions?
  5. Before we get to that, would you mind running your HTML through the official W3 validator? Open the page in your browser, View Source, then copy and paste it all into the "Validate by Direct Input" section. If you see any error messages, fix what they talk about. Then come on back here and post what your revised code is.
  6. On the common parlance side of things, typically "index" emphases that it's related to searching while "key" refers to it being an identifier for a record. Like, if your table has a user ID key then it should also have a user ID index.
  7. Apparently CPanel has something to help you out with that part.
  8. According to the opcache.revalidate_freq setting, your server is only looking for changes to PHP scripts once every minute. I think that is a reasonable amount of time. Can you do your development and testing locally instead? That really is a good practice to learn, and you should be doing it regardless of this caching thing.
  9. Making a simple Marker is pretty simple. Check out the documentation and get just one marker on the map. It doesn't need to be real data. You can even hardcode the location. Get the basic marker there, then perhaps also work with the settings to customize it to look the way you want. Then add the popup tooltip functionality to it. Again, hardcode the information. Work with it, customize it, etc. Separate from that is getting the GPS data onto the page in a useful way. Do you have the map set up on the page yet? Where you want, how you want it? I don't see it in that index.php page...
  10. Take a look at the syntax highlighting of the code you posted. In the first few lines, some of the highlighting is wrong. Can you see why?
  11. A new line being the thing that is created when you hit Enter on your keyboard. Like I just did right now.
  12. Sounds good to me. Assuming you want multiple categories applied to each blog post, that is.
  13. Have you written the Javascript code necessary to add one marker to the map?
  14. Bad news: no, the configuration I was thinking of has since been removed so it can't do what I thought it might have been doing. Good news: I found what I'll do for the next April Fool's Day prank. I have seen issues with quote blocks on other IPB 4 sites. And I do what Barand says: add a newline and move the quote above it.
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