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  1. Sounds like you have two conflicting versions of FontAwesome. Get rid of one of those. It doesn't make sense to have two different copies. Figure out which is older and remove it, then fix the page it was being used be to work with the newer version. The specific icon you're dealing may have been added or removed between those two versions. Check the online documentation/icon list to see what is actually available. Otherwise I can't see what pages are working or not, I can't see what icons are working or not, I can't see what versions of FontAwesome you have or not...
  2. "Probably"? Get rid of one of them and see if that breaks a page. If it does, fix the page and see if that also resolves the icon problem.
  3. It should be very easy to find out if you're using two different font-awesome files by checking if you even have two font-awesome files. Is this site viewable somewhere?
  4. Creating your own attribute class will only work if Doctrine supports scanning custom attribute classes. I wouldn't really expect it to. What I mean by copying is, if you've got something in a parent class with attributes and you want to extend it in a child class, copy it with its attributes and then add whatever else you want to it. class ParentClass { #[FooAttribute] protected $foo; } class ChildClass extends ParentClass { #[FooAttribute] #[BarAttribute] protected $foo; }
  5. Locking because your other thread covers this same topic.
  6. Check the php.net documentation for a method that will allow PHP to ignore the file upload if it's too large. Hint: it's a hidden input in your <form>. That will only take effect after the file has been uploaded.
  7. You want to use PHP to compress the file... before it's uploaded? If you need to allow files of a certain size then change your PHP settings to allow files of a certain size.
  8. Depending on Doctrine you might be able to daisy-chain a few attributes together into an inheritance hierarchy. Personally, I would just copy/paste the annotations from the parent class.
  9. https://3v4l.org/nEML3#v8.0.9 When you redefine a property you redefine the property.
  10. Are you asking about how to download five separate PDF files? As in my browser says "this site is trying to download multiple files" and I acknowledge and then it downloads five files? Or to combine them together into one single PDF file that comes with one single download action?
  11. Nothing changed in PHP to make that stop working, but your PHP setup might be different. My guess what's wrong? header() only works if there hasn't been any output before it - or if you have a certain PHP setup which you really should not have. Showing the result in the browser means the Content-Disposition header was not sent, meaning there was some output. Probably a blank line or BOM. Make sure the <?php is at the very beginning of the file and there is no output of any kind after it. Also make sure your editor is not saving the .php file with a UTF-8 BOM.
  12. Trying to imagecreatefrompng() with an uploaded file will only work if the uploaded file was a PNG image. Use getimagesize() to detect whether the file is an image and, if so, what type it is.
  13. Not exactly the best library I've ever seen... Try changing $TagData['id3v2']['ETCO'] = [ to $TagData['id3v2']['event_timing_codes'] = [
  14. I don't see how that can be... What's the full code you have, covering the part where you set up the tag data and the part where you use the library to write it, as well as everything in between?
  15. Pull up your local copy of getID3's write.id3v2.php, jump down to the section about ETCO, and edit the first line of if (!$this->ID3v2IsValidETCOevent($val['typeid'])) { $this->errors[] = 'Invalid Event Type byte in '.$frame_name.' ('.$val['typeid'].')'; } elseif (($key != 'timestampformat') && ($key != 'flags')) { to be if (is_array($val) && !$this->ID3v2IsValidETCOevent($val['typeid'])) { You know. For the fun of it. When you say it doesn't write tags, does it not write any tags? Or writes tags except for the ETCO? What if you omit the ETCO tag and try to do everything else?
  16. Unless you need something immediately, I would wait on your issue. Looks like the author is still active.
  17. File uploads do not go in $_POST. They go in $_FILES. https://www.php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.post-method.php
  18. Kinda seems like the library is buggy. The code I linked to has a rather noticeable bug, and your var_dump() output shows it knows the data length but apparently can't get the data itself.
  19. Try using var_dump() instead of print_r(). That will show more specific information about each value, like whether something is a string and how long it is.
  20. Did you check if there were any errors reported by the library? Because I'm pretty sure I see a bug in it.
  21. Good thing about PHP is that it's open-source, so you can look at the library to see how it handles ETCO data. Bad news is that it's a bit perverse about the structure of the array. You specify a "timestampformat" key, and potentially "flags", but then everything else is more arrays. Those are where you add the "timestamp" and "typeid" values. $TagData['id3v2']['ETCO'] = [ "timestampformat" => 2, ["typeid" => 3, "timestamp" => 1000], ["typeid" => 4, "timestamp" => 1500], // etc ];
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