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Not sure where to begin... I`m stuck. PHP of course.

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Hi folks =)


Been coding for many years, so it`s not my first time, but I'm not a pro either like many of you folks probably here.

I`m totally stuck, but in how i should program this correct as well as reading the doc`s on how to do it. The right way to think, is just a huge lock in my head. Hate it, but i have to ask for help from others that hopefully can get me in the right way. 

Must say my skills is not that good, but still learning and yes I'm reading docs and help files. But the thinking way of how to do this, I'm not sure.


So my case is:


I have a friend that I'm coding a website for, he want a page with using a tab`s panel (bootstrap), in there it would be 11 tabs;

1. Start

2. Tab 1

3. Tab 2

4. Tab 3


and so on until 10


In each tab, there are number of input`s the user has to put in some data and it saves to a sql db.

Let`s say first time you come to that page, all other tab`s other than start, should be disabled (li class="disabled) and (data-toggled="") even a icon in front of the name Start should be a Star (uses fa fa-star from font awesome).


Then the user inputs the require info and saves the data.

Now, the data is stored into the db, with date time as well as the info and the user can see the result of what the user has inserted.


After 5 days, the next tab should be open, Tab 1, then the rest of the tab and start of course should be disabled. The icon in front of Start should be changed to a checkmark, and the Star icon should stand in front of Tab 1.

User put`s in that require info and saves that info again to db.


Now, it takes another 5 days until Tab 2 opens and same thing goes over and over until Tab 10 is filled out.

After the last Tab 10 is filled out, the hole Tab section shall be displaying the info from Start to Tab 10 on the page, the user is done.



So, my question here is, what is the best way to do this in php, cos I'm stuck in thinking the "right" way to code this.


Was thinking the best way was to have a row in db called Progress, so after Start is saved, the progress should have the number 5 (int) in it, after Tab 1, 10 then Tab 2, 20 and so on.

But then again, the 5 days from each other as well.. ??



Anyone help me on the right path here?! Not sure if php freaks allow this, but willing to pay for get this done as well as some few small projects as well i have lying around for this project.


Thank you in advance for any help for this! =)



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