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  1. Just an FYI: Pretty pictures are nice and all but we cant paste an image into our editors. In the future, please post actual code using the code tags on the post menu <>. 😃
  2. OP will still get an undefined index error if the page is called directly after missing semi-colons added.
  3. Okay, here is your problem... WAMP Server is FOR DEVELOPMENT ONLY. You said you are running "Windows Server 2019 Datacenter". Why then are you using a third party development stack for production use?
  4. Here you go Line 1 enables the rewrite engine. Line 2 contains the RewriteRule directive: The pattern ^old.html$ matches the page which starts (^) and ends ($) with old.htm. The substitution is the new.htm page. The flag [NC] means the pattern is not case-sensitive. When a user tries to access the old page, the server shows the contents from the new.htm page instead. RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^old.htm$ new.htm [NC]
  5. You dont need to re-install mysql. Here is what you do... For Laragon with MySQL 8 with no password Login to the laragon mysql from the console (Click the Terminal button on the Laragon GUI interface) mysql -u root -p Just hit enter when it prompts for password Then to set the password, in this case, to "secret" ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret'; To go back to no password with MySQL8 ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '';
  6. You are trying to connect as a user other than the default root account. (122387_chapterofhate@localhost) The account you are connecting with does not have the permissions needed to do what ever it is you are trying to do. Laragon is a local development wamp. There is really no reason you need to be creating and using any other MySQL users except maybe for learning about permissions.
  7. Did you try clicking the "Database" button on the Laragon GUI? That opens HeidiSQL which you can use to manage databases.
  8. Easiest way is from the Laragon menu.
  9. Hold on! Leave XAMPP alone. You will be much better off using Laragon. https://laragon.org/
  10. For anyone following... I did a screen-share with the OP. The problem was missing files and files in the wrong place. I did a clean install of Laragon and installed (Not upgraded) Mysql 8. All is working.
  11. In order to help you, you need to be specific about everything. I have no idea what this script file is.
  12. You will need to provide details of problems. Are you trying to use this as a production server? Laragon is intended for development only. Any "traffic" should only be coming from you while testing your code. Managing and directing your requests is handled by Apache and your code.
  13. How EXACTLY did you try to add a root password? There is a menu option to do it. You can also type it into the mysql ini file.
  14. Does that mean you installed a newer Laragon on top of another one? If so, do a clean install, not an upgrade. I had problems trying to upgrade an older version. Laragon with a clean install works with no problems. For a local windows dev, you don't need anything else except your IDE/Editor.
  15. By default, there is no root password. For a Laragon local dev there is no need for it to be set.
  16. Your schema worked just fine for me. Are you sure you didn't have spaces at the start or end of your data?
  17. All that styling markup does no belong mixed in HTML. Create a proper style-sheet.
  18. Interesting. I came from Perl as well around the same time. PHP was at version 3 with a .php3 extension.
  19. What are you trying to accomplish? What you have will delete all exams for a student when you delete a particular student
  20. Take a look at my "Clean PDO" Repo. It will get you going in the right direction. https://github.com/benanamen/clean-pdo
  21. I wrote step by step instructions a few years ago in the Laragon forum on how to upgrade to Mysql8. I assume Laragon is the actual dev on your system and you are not trying to install Mysql outside of Laragon. You will need to register on the forum. See instructions here.... https://forum.laragon.org/topic/2017/mysql-8-upgrade-instructions/2
  22. You should be using Prepared Statements. Never use variables in your query. Never trust user supplied data. Nevertheless, does this look right to you? VALUES (`$money`,`mins`,`wassim`)";
  23. Seems to me this is the real problem. Stop them from signing both and you wont have to fix it afterwards.
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