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  1. Where does $url magically come from?
  2. You need to use Prepared Statements and your problem will be solved. NEVER EVER put variables in your query and NEVER EVER trust user supplied data. But as to why the problem, there are no quotes in your $_POST values. You have $_POST[article_id] instead of $_POST['article_id']
  3. Yes, stop using shared hosting and get a VPS.
  4. As far as file names, what DOES make a difference is underscore and dash to separate words. As simple search proves this out. On google search fast_cars and see returned result count, then try fast-cars. I get 13,000,000 results and 1,600,000,000 respectively Bottom line, use dashes as the separator.
  5. Take a look at my clean-pdo code repo. https://github.com/benanamen/clean-pdo
  6. Your code is vulnerable to an SQL Injection Attack. You need to use Prepared Statements. NEVER EVER PUT VARIABLES IN YOUR QUERY
  7. The form data is in the POST array which you do nothing with. Besides that, this code will be vulnerable to an Email Header Injection Attack if it were to work.
  8. Oh, so your a Domain Squatter. 🚩🚩
  9. The break tag (br) by no means goes anywhere within a Select element. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/select
  10. How about giving us a high level overview of what you have going on and the real problem you are trying to solve by doing this.
  11. You might want to tell us exactly what that error is. We cant see your screen and you posted incomplete code. What you did post is wide open to an SQL Injection Attack. You need to use Prepared Statements.
  12. When you are done, post a sql dump of your db tables and we will review it for you.
  13. Here's what I would suggest.. Back up your DB and Code-base Clean up your orphans Add the Foreign Keys Learn and implement cascading update/delete Clean up the unnecessary code You have been doing it "your way" long enough that the difference and time/effort savings will be very apparent. In a nutshell, but some fresh eyes on it and just try it. There really isn't much more to say about it. * I am assuming your DB is already normalized. If not, now is the time to fix it.
  14. Sounds like someone hasn't set unique indexes on the relevant DB columns.
  15. Sure, if you can tell me why the obsession with resetting the auto-increment. I will go first to save a post.... #1 reason to use Foreign Keys is to enforce Data Integrity. You can try and manage it yourself but if you get it wrong you will end up with orphan records (Bad Data). Wouldn't surprise me at all if you already have orphans. As soon as you try to set the FK's you will know right away if you do. It also clearly defines the links between tables (That would be the R in RDMS, Relational, AKA Relationships) Then you didn't learn how to do it. It is not complicated and is
  16. Navicat saves query's within itself as part of the program. Based on the additional info you provided, there is no reason whatsoever to reset the auto-increment. And as I already said, once you start creating a real relational DB with keys you wont be able to do it anyways. If you actually want to be able to call a "saved" query at will from the DB will you will need a stored procedure or run the saved query in Navicat which actually is a "saved" query.
  17. Well, there is an hour of my life I am never getting back. Why do I even bother?
  18. If you truncate ALL the tables in the DB you can use this... <?php $pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=db_example', 'root', ''); $tables = $pdo->prepare('SHOW TABLES'); $tables->execute(); foreach($tables->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_COLUMN) as $table) { $pdo->query('TRUNCATE TABLE `' . $table . '`')->execute(); }
  19. Why? If you are deleting all the records you can truncate the table if there are no foreign keys. If you are just trying to keep a continuous id number for left over records, don't do that. It is a pointless noob thing and will fail when you start using foreign keys. I tried the same thing when I was new. If you are keeping some real data, a better practice is to create a deleted flag column and just mark the data as deleted rather than actually wiping it from the DB. We are here to teach people, not just answer an OP's attempted approach to a problem (See XY Problem). You d
  20. Before you start, make sure you understand Database Normalization. Look online for Real Estate Data Models to see examples of how it is being done. A GUI DB manager like MySQL Workbench will be very helpful. Stay away from Phpmyadmin. Sketch out a "Conceptual Data Model". Then move on to a Logical Data Model, Then a Physical Data Model. This site will help you understand all of that. https://erwin.com/blog/types-of-data-models-conceptual-logical-physical/ Do not "code as you go". Make sure your DB architecture is well planned before you write a single line of code. When you have fina
  21. The whole point of the OP's thread is really, "How to debug" (troubleshoot). All of the answers provided are responses to the OP's attempted solution to debugging. (XY Problem) OP, make sure you have error reporting and logging turned on. Php is more than happy to tell you exactly what is wrong and what line and file the problem is. The Php and server error logs are your friend.
  22. Hi Barry,

    What are you using to create your diagrams of late?

    1. Barand


      If you mean the flowcharts, MS Offices's Powerpoint

  23. Your code is vulnerable to an Email Header Injection Attack. Never ever trust user input. The FROM should be YOUR server, not the person filling out the form.
  24. Just wondering, why do you want an old version of Mysql?
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