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  1. Seems to me this is the real problem. Stop them from signing both and you wont have to fix it afterwards.
  2. Is this code representative of what you have been taught in school? If so, your teacher needs schooling.
  3. Why not just get it from the DB the way you want it instead of jumping through code? SELECT IF (did_ivr_disable = TRUE, 'Enabled', 'Disabled') AS did_ivr_disable
  4. That is not what you were shown to do. Look again.
  5. Does this look right? <?=$bbname?'.'> <?=$navtitle?'.'>
  6. You close out the form for the search but have no form opening for the rest. You are also missing the method attribute for the one you do have.
  7. Just a little tip on the trim function.... If you use a guard clause you can get rid of the else and clean up the function just a bit. Also, when you call the function, there is no need to call it with array_map. The $_POST data is already being run through array_map. No need to do it twice. 😀 <?php function _trim($val) { if (!is_array($val)) { return trim($val); } return array_map('_trim', $val); } $post = _trim($_POST);
  8. You need to just remove the action attribute completely.
  9. Why do you have two tables for the same data? Duplicated data is a red flag to a bad DB schema. Learn about Database Normalization.
  10. @ginerjm, inet_aton is a mysql/mariadb function and is for properly storing/retrieving IP addresses in the DB. https://mariadb.com/kb/en/inet_aton/ See also https://mariadb.com/kb/en/inet_ntoa/ https://mariadb.com/kb/en/inet6_aton/ https://mariadb.com/kb/en/inet6_ntoa/
  11. I would suggest you start with the most minimal code needed to create a DB connection and start from there.
  12. Your "downloader" doesn't do anything. Why not just link directly to the files? You create a database connection that serves no purpose whatsoever. Your $ip is a variable for nothing and does nothing.
  13. For starters.... The DB connection "should" be passed to the Class using Dependency Injection, not extending Dbh. The submit button does not need a name attribute You should use Guard Clauses and get rid of the elses's
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