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Symfony dynamic forms (select change)

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Hello all,


I have been developing with Symfony and ran into the problem of creating dynamic forms. My intention is to change part of a form by a select. Basically making a part of a form dependent on a select value. I have followed the docs from Symfony, but can't seem to understand it: http://symfony.com/doc/current/form/dynamic_form_modification.html#dynamic-generation-for-submitted-forms


This is an example I am working on: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41281486/symfony-alter-form-on-entity-select-with-nested-collectiontypes/41283649#41283649


So far no one could really help. Based on that stackoverflow post, this is desired:


1. Select a company

2. Generate the forms for the departments of the selected company


Some how when I try to work in PRE_SUBMIT or the form modifier function I can't get any posted values. How could I achieve the example from the stackoverflow post?



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How is your controller processing your ajax request? What is the code you currently have to build your form?


Your PRE_SUBMIT handler is passed an event object and you can get the posted data through that. You can use that to modify your form as needed. For example, I have a form that does:

$builder->addEventListener(FormEvents::PRE_SUBMIT, function(FormEvent $event){
The updateTypeConfigurationForm method modifies the form based on the selected type which is a select field in the form.


    private function updateTypeConfigurationForm(FormEvent $event){
        $data = $event->getData();

        $type = null;
        if (isset($data['answerType'])){
            $type = $data['answerType'];

        $form = $event->getForm();
        $form->add('typeConfiguration', new SurveyAnswerTypeConfigurationForm(), [
            'required' => false
            , 'label' => 'Type Configuration'
            , 'error_bubbling' => true
            , 'type' => $type
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