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billing details to token for later check out with paypal?


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We want to help non profits run auctions, sometimes these non profits use paypal.  We won't know a final price until the auction is over so we cannot just authorize a payment of $x.


With gateways like authorize.net, you can submit billing details and get a token back.  Than, when ever the customer checks out you just submit that token instead of credit card details.  I need to do the same process with paypal and per the documentation it is unclear if this is even an option.  Unfortunately getting these organizations to leave paypal is generally not an option.


I know you can authorize a payment for later capture:



But -I think- this expects you to submit an amount and this amount has a very limited amount it can increase.  It can go up 115% or $75, but it's for an auction and we have no idea how to tell what an item will go for.


Thoughts?  Ideas?  Concerns?


Thanks a ton



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