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  1. dalecosp

    Image print help in Php

    It might also be wise to redact (that is, remove or obfuscate/cover-up) your DB credentials in your example code's mysqli_connect() function. 😉
  2. dalecosp

    COMPLETE - Planned Downtime: May 23rd-24th

    Nice to hear ... thanks for the heads up! And I hear you ... switching to Sphinx on OMBE has made a LOT of difference ... :-)
  3. If I'm understanding your question, a simple websearch should suffice; investigate iContact, ConstantContact, aWeber, MailChimp, Drift, Wishpond, Robly, Infusionsoft, Emma, getResponse, and some few others.
  4. Use case (statistics) I can think of: you're doing tracking of "logged-in" as well as "not-logged-in" users. We have some tables like that.
  5. Right. 3500 x 3500 = 12.25M rows in/of itself, and let's not think about the possibility of multiplying the result set size again.
  6. dalecosp

    Javascript Pop Up Alert

    (Aside: your code should start with <?php ) You will probably get some comments like "don't just d'load scripts from the 'Net without understanding what they do." That might be decent advice, but let's try. I'm not sure that the problem is entirely clear. Let's start with: If PHP is substituting "$count" with a value in the JavaScript at the top, it seems a little strange that jQuery is then setting ALL the elements with class "cd-popup" to "is-visible". However, the PHP at the bottom isn't setting any such variable: $show_admin = " | <a href=\"attractions/edit.php?id=$attract_id\">EDIT</a> | <a href=\"\" class=\"cd-popup-trigger\"><font color=\"red\">DELETE</font></a>"; There's nothing there but "cd-popup-trigger" ... So, one question is: Does the JavaScript at the top include an additional value here? $('.cd-popup-trigger$count').on('click', function(event){
  7. dalecosp

    Load canvas after ajax call

    In over my head here ... did you "blank" the canvas first? If it had anything in it, it would need to be erased and then redrawn, as I understand it.
  8. Check the "network" tab in the console?
  9. dalecosp

    keeping users logged in.

    You might want to look at "best practices" ... although that's something of a nebulous concept. I read a piece some while back about Amazon's work in this area. As you may have noted, they recognize you all the time by a cookie, and only require login for "sensitive" operations. You can even add stuff to the cart if you're cookied in ... it's only at checkout you're asked to verify credentials. It might be worth it to read up and put some thought into that ...
  10. dalecosp

    Can you see anything dodgy in this code?

    True dat ... HECK of a lot better than eBay
  11. dalecosp

    Please can I get some feedback on my website.

    For performance, see if they would agree to omit 3rd party adverts ;-) I know that sometimes it's fast and other times Google Ads really slow down render times on some of my work. (What I don't know is what on their end is doing it ... huge traffic or real-time bidding wars, etc.) For design, I know the "C-suite" people in this company wouldn't like the white space to the right of the lady on the laptop. The paragraph/div "You can select any carpet or floor covering from our website" ... what does that look like with text-align:left? Also maybe some whitespace in there, it's kind of tight in that area. The "tiles" near the bottom suffer from a common problem that I'm not sure of the answer to: variable shape images. I really think they'd look better if they were all "same sized", but that's hard to do. We have tried to fix that on the homepage of OMBE.com by using a backgrounded-DIV. However, you can see the problem is very real in the sellers/stores list (ombe.com/stores). If it were me I'd make the Twitterbox wider also, although perhaps not full width; I might attempt to center it. There's my two-pence (Is that still what you call it over the pond there?)
  12. dalecosp

    split form textarea data for multiple posts

    Great registrar, creative ( ) marketers, pile-o-crap hosting.
  13. dalecosp

    How to used compressed images in php

    What told you to compress images? Images are already *fairly* compressed. There are some things that can be done, but if you're looking for a silver bullet you might come up disappointed. You might give this a read: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/optimizing-content-efficiency/image-optimization
  14. dalecosp

    set attribute to a tag

    There are lots of ways to skin this cat. A trick I often use: $style = ""; if ($bolding_condition) { $style = "style='font-weight:bold;'"; } echo "<span $style>" . $content . "</span>\n"; Of course, that yields inline CSS, which bothers some people. You could also append "<b>" or "<strong>" tags and the corresponding closure tags at the beginning and ended of $content if the condition matched. Or, you can set a specific class if the condition matches true. OR, you can wait under you're done and echo a JavaScript snippet that does what you want if the condition is matched.
  15. dalecosp

    POSTing Email in a form - Undefined index

    <input id="email"> also needs a name attribute. Perhaps more coffee?

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