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laravel book; recommendations


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I'm taking the plunge simply because a client wants it.  I have no complaints.  Love new technology (new to me)


I'm doing the Lynda video and Laravel looks like fun.  But I'm a paper guy and I'd like to purchase a book (L5) where I can leave notes, bend pages and 'refer'.  (I say L5, but as we all know, sometimes the older texts are great.  I'd be willing to purchase an L4 level book if you rave about it.)


Every site needs a pinned books recommendation thread, and I looked for one.  I failed, which means it's in plain site. Drop the link.


Please recommend a book that will get me going - I like the build a website thing (started PHP with the Welling/Thomson "PHP and MySql Web Development" book.


My PHP skills are intermediate and I know Java well.



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