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To logg all sql-statements with error


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  In laravel 5.4 adding lines in app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php file:

public function boot()

if ($this->app->environment('local')) {
\DB::listen(function($query) {
$dbLog = new \Monolog\Logger('Query');
$dbLog->pushHandler(new \Monolog\Handler\RotatingFileHandler(storage_path('logs/Query.log'), 5, \Monolog\Logger::DEBUG));
$dbLog->info($query->sql, ['Bindings' => $query->bindings, 'Time' => $query->time]);

I made log of all successfull sql in file.

If there is a way to catch and write to this file all sql with errors and error description?

I know about laravel.log, but I would prefer to write all sql-statements successfull and with error.


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