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In laravel 5.5 retriving rows from postgresql function


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In laravel 5.5 retriving rows from postgresql function using


where sql :

select pd_report_orders_sum_by_categories( p_category_list := ARRAY[102,17]::integer[], p_last_operation_date_from := '2012-09-20', p_last_operation_date_till := '2017-09-29', p_status := 'O', p_sort_categories := 'sum', p_limit := null )

for function defined as:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.pd_report_orders_sum_by_categories(p_category_list integer[], p_last_operation_date_from timestamp without time zone, p_last_operation_date_till timestamp without time zone, p_status type_order_status, p_sort_categories character varying DEFAULT 'by_sum_asc'::character varying, p_limit integer DEFAULT NULL::integer)
RETURNS TABLE(category_name character varying, category_slug character varying, category_id smallint, sold_sum numeric, qty_sum bigint)
AS $function$

SELECT c.name as category_name,

c.slug as category_slug,


sum( oi.qty*oi.price ) AS sold_sum,

sum( oi.qty ) AS qty_sum

from pd_order_item as oi join

pd_product_category as pc on pc.product_id = oi.product_id join

pd_order as o on o.id = oi.order_id join

pd_category as c on c.id = pc.category_id

WHERE ( CASE when p_category_list IS NOT NULL THEN pc.category_id = ANY (p_category_list) else true END ) AND

( o.last_operation_date BETWEEN coalesce(p_last_operation_date_from,pd_f_min_timestamp()) AND coalesce(p_last_operation_date_till,pd_f_max_timestamp()) ) AND

( CASE when p_status IS NOT NULL THEN o.status = p_status else true END )

group by pc.category_id, category_name, category_slug


CASE WHEN p_sort_categories = 'by_sum_asc' THEN

sum( oi.qty*oi.price )

end ASC,

CASE WHEN p_sort_categories = 'by_sum_desc' THEN

sum( oi.qty*oi.price )

end DESC,

CASE WHEN p_sort_categories = 'by_sum_category_name' THEN


end ASC

LIMIT p_limit ;


I got resulting rows like :

[0] => stdClass Object
[pd_report_orders_sum_by_categories] => (Music,music,4,2.43,1)

[1] => stdClass Object
[pd_report_orders_sum_by_categories] => ("Computer Accessories",computer-accessories,1,25.75,1)

I can all data I need but I would like to know if there is a way to get associative data in any subarray ?
Sure I can write some kind of parser, but if Laravel some tools for this?


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