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I cannot see how to cease membership. Can someone delete my profile please?





In our terms of service we state clearly that we will not delete accounts.   If you stop using your account you will effectively have accomplished your stated goal, but in some cases we'll actually disable it at the user's request.


 I saw your post.   I don't know the size of your system, but a conversion from mysql to mysqli, while somewhat annoying is basically a simple operation. 

I'm not sure why you gave up, if that's the main issue, but there is more than one way to skin a cat.  For example, you could also utilize this shim:   In a situation like yours, assuming the codebase is small (a handful of scripts) you could even use this:  https://github.com/dshafik/php7-mysql-shim


A shim is basically a small wrapper that allows your current code to continue to work without alteration.  


Of course any of these fixes may require more understanding of PHP than you have, but that does not change the fact that this is pretty small job for any experienced PHP developer (again without knowing how large the codebase is).


If you have a specific question you can interact with me via PM here.  I did go back and remove some personal id info from the code, if that was your major concern.

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