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Warning: mysql_connect()

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Hi all

I recive this error when i tray to connect with the user and password:


Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in C:\AppServ\www\IMS\db\db.class.php on line 14
Server connection not possible.


This is my code:


class DB

    var $defaultDebug = false;
    var $mtStart;
    var $nbQueries;
    var $lastResult;
    function DB($base, $server, $user, $pass)
      $this->mtStart    = $this->getMicroTime();
      $this->nbQueries  = 0;
      $this->lastResult = NULL;
      mysql_connect($server, $user, $pass) or die('Server connexion not possible.');
      mysql_select_db($base)               or die('Database connexion not possible.');
I have :
AppServ Open Project - 8.6.0 for Windows 




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As the error message implies, root without a password is not allowed to connect.


Set up a normal non-root user with the permissions you need (probably SELECT+INSERT+UPDATE) on the database(s) it needs access to and have your script connect with that.

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