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Apex Framework -- Feedback Requested


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Hi everyone,


Been working on this for quite a while, and although still quite a ways from completion, it's done enough to begin getting initial feedback.  If anyone of you have a spare few minutes, please take a look at:  http://apex.envrin.com/


And quick start guide at:  http://apex.envrin.com/quick_start


Github:  https://github.com/envrin/apex/


Would love any initial feedback.  I would imagine it will get blasted as amateurish, which is fine with me, as I need it for myself anyway.  Hopefully it's able to help some folks out there as well though.


PS.  Please ignore any design flaws.  I went blind a couple years ago, but will get a designer on board shortly to fix up the design flaws.


Thanks in advance!


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