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Wordpress - 2 Installs - 1 in sub-directory

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Good afternoon,

I am currently building my first Wordpress websites which use 2 different languages. I have made 2 identical websites - 1 in English and 1 in German. 

What I'm looking to do is have the English version at my main domain and have the German version in a sub-directory on my server something like: www.mydomain.com/de/. I've uploaded the English version to my main public_html directory and the German version to the my domain.com/de/ directory. 

The English version in the main directory is viewing just fine and I can login to admin etc but on the German version - there is a missing style.css sheet. When I keep reloading the German version of the website, the missing file has a random string attached to the end for example: style-6857361jfj58.css and on reload could say: style-3049096884ab.css for example so I think it's being generated randomly by the backend. 

Does anyone know if I am able to have 2 separate Wordpress installations on 1 server - 1 in the main directory and one in a sub-directory?


Many thanks,


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