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Data not properly displayed in HTML table by using while loops to fetch data from MySQL database


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Hello to all,

I have problem figuring out how to properly display data fetched from MySQL database in a HTML table.

In the below example I am using two while loops, where the second one is nested inside first one, that check two different expressions fetching data from tables found in a MySQL database. The second expression compares the two tables IDs and after their match it displays the email of the account holder in each column in the HTML table.

The main problem is that the 'email' row is displayed properly while its while expression is not nested and alone(meaning the other data is omitted or commented out), but either nested or neighbored to the first while loop, it is displayed horizontally and the other data ('validity', 'valid_from', 'valid_to') is not displayed.'

Can someone help me on this, I guess the problem lies in the while loop?
Here is part of the HTML code:

 <th data-column-id="id" data-type="numeric">ID</th>
 <th data-column-id="email">Subscriber's Email</th>
 <th data-column-id="validity">Validity</th>
<th data-column-id="valid_from">Valid From</th>
 <th data-column-id="valid_to">Valid To</th>

Here is part of the PHP code:


    while($row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC))
        echo '
        while ($row1 = $stmt1->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) {
        echo '
        if($row["validity"] == 1) {
            echo '<td>'.$row["validity"].' month</td>';
            echo '<td>'.$row["validity"].' months</td>';
        echo '  <td>'.$row["valid_from"].'</td>

P.S. Please know that I have purposely omitted the connection part and the methods in the class that are used in this code to keep the spot of the problem as clean as possible. If you need me to rephrase the question, please ask.

Thank you.

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