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session_start( )

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6 hours ago, SaranacLake said:

that is not happening in my case

It is, as that's the only way you'd get that error.   Your other call just may not be explicit which is why you can't find it.  It's also why I provided a few hints toward what the problem most likely is, but you haven't seemed to pick up on them yet.  So l let's repeat them here so maybe you can get it figured out.

Hint the first:

On 1/11/2020 at 1:27 PM, kicken said:

Note: there's also a php.ini setting called session.auto_start.  If you've enabled that then you don't need to manually call session_start().

Hint the second (with more emphesis):

14 hours ago, kicken said:

You say you get this error on one sever but not the other.  That kind of situation tends to be due to configuration differences, such as one being configured as session.auto_start=On and the other being session.auto_start=Off.


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