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Code to load another page dynamically

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Please i need a code such that in a given html form, it loads another page without refreshing the current page and on submit of the form, action is nit taken on the button that is needed to load another page.  Rough idea of what am saying is below.

<form action "" method="post">


<input type="text" name="uname>


<input type="text" name="no"><br/>

<button type="submit">Generate Token</button> //when this generate button is clicked then it loads generate.php page whic generates token then send to user email


<input type="number" name="uname>

<button type="submit">PROCEED</button> //thid is the final process that occurs .

Its just a rough idea to explain what i meant by the question i asked. For thhe generation of token, i dnt want the page to reload and for the proceed, i dnt want any action to be taken on the generate butron. I hope my question is clear. Thanks in advance

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The term you are looking for is "AJAX".

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