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Expression verification help

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Hi all. After being away from coding and trying this for a while I have been asked to assist someone with something and I am not winning.....or understanding how to check the form validation coming though. The 'friend/client' needs to check that the form field filled in begins with 'DT' (either upper case or lower case) can have a space(or not) then a series of 7 numbers. For example 'DT 1234567' or 'dt1234567'

I am really not understanding how to do this. I have started with some sample code

 * Validate UM DT Number field for registration dt_number2
 * @param string $key
 * @param attay  $array
 * @param array  $args
function um_custom_validate_dt_number2( $key, $array, $args ) {
	if ( isset( $args[$key] ) && !preg_match('/^[6-9]\d{9}$/', $args[$key]) ) {
		UM()->form()->add_error( $key, __( 'Please enter a valid DT Number.', 'ultimate-member' ) );
add_action( 'um_custom_field_validation_dt_number2', 'um_custom_validate_dt_number2', 30, 3 );

but for the life of me, everything I have tried on sites like http://www.santic.org/preg_match/ just dont work, I get errors all the time. The best I can do is check that there is a DT in the string!


checked against my string TD 1234567, 1236547 TD, 123DT4567 gives me 2 results, but as soon as I try check for numbers etc


 I am failing. Please someone guide me!

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/^DT ?\d{7}$/i


  1. ^ - Matches the beginning of the input string.
  2. DT - Matches the literal string DT
  3. <space>? - Matches a zero or one space character.
  4. \d{7} - Matches seven digit characters.
  5. $ - Matches the end of the input string.
  6. i - Makes the match case in-sensitive so it'll match lowercase dt as well.

I would suggest using a better online tool when building and testing your expressions, such as the one linked above.  It provides a breakdown of what the expression means as well as references to consult.

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