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Xampp version 7.4.10 weirdness

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Since coming back from a recess in developing web applications, I installed Xampp 7.4.10 and I'm getting weird displays in my coding

It is actually showing the php tag and statements. I tried to configure the error_reporting line in php.ini thinking it was that, but to no avail

I made a screenshot to show what I'm actually getting

This should be only displaying the result of the echo statement, not what is inside the file


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php is a server-side scripting language. if you are not making a http(s) request to a web server for the .php file, the php language engine isn't being invoked. when you directly enter the URL of the .php file in question in your browser's address bar, do you get the expected output? 

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2 hours ago, requinix said:

It has nothing to do with the IDE.

Okay, AJAX, then:


 I'm using http://localhost/my_file.html, and the IDE I'm using is Microsoft Visual Code, the thing it injects code into the script for live server. If I don't use Live server, like I type it manually, it works. So, if it's not the IDE, then it must be something else causing the problem

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9 hours ago, requinix said:

1. Live Server? Didn't you say you were using XAMPP?
2. Unless configured otherwise, .html extensions do not run PHP code. Use a .php extension.

In VS code there is an extension called live server, which I'm using for development. It seems it's only good for HTML and CSS development

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Apparently, I have found a way to run php projects without manually typing the url in the address bar

I've install a php server extension and there is a blue button on the top right hand corner. It can only run one project at a time, so if you want to run a different project, you'll have to restart VS Code

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