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Help with Add Poem form.

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Hi Wonderul dude's,

I am creating my own site where i add my own poems, the script i am using to create new poems from the htm file addpoem.htm is screwing up, can you guys help?




$poemname = $_POST["poemtitle"];
$poemcontents = $_POST["poem"];
$securitycode = $_POST["securitycode"];

$poemcontent1 = "<html>";
$poemcontent2 = "<head>";
$poemcontent3 = "<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">";
$poemcontent4 = "<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">";
$poemcontent = "<title>A Childs Eyes</title>";
$poemcontent6 = "</head>";
$poemcontent7 = "<p><font face="AR ESSENCE" size="7">" . $poemname . "</font></p>";
$poemcontent8 = "<hr>";
$poemcontent9 = "<p><font size ="5">(C)<font> <font face="Arial"  size="5"> 2020 Trent W Pendlebury Brennan.<br>";
$poemcontent10 = "All Rights Reserved Under International Copyright Law.</font></p>";
$poemcontent11 = "<hr>";
$poemcontent12 = "<p><font face="Arial" size="4" color="000FFF">" . $poemcontents . "</font><\p>";
$poemcontent13 = "<hr>";
$poemcontent14 = "<p><font face="Arial Narrow" size="5">- <b><a href="../home.html">";
$poemcontent15 = "<font color="#FF0000">Homepage</font></a></b> -</font></p>";
$poemcontent16 = "<\body>";
$poemcontent17 = "</html>";

$poem = $poemcontent1 . $poemcontent2 . $poemcontent3 . $poemcontent4 . $poemcontent5 . $poemcontent6 . $poemcontent7;
$poem = $poem . $poemcontent8. $poemcontent9 . $poemcontent10 . $poemcontent11 . $poemcontent12 . $poemcontent14;
$poem = $poem . $poemcontent15 . $poemcontent16 . $poemcontent17;
$poem = $poem . $poemcontent16 . $poemcontent17; 

$myfile = fopen($poemname . "htm", "w");
$txt = "Mickey Mouse\n";
fwrite($myfile, $txt);
fclose($myfile); */


Edited by trentwpb
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