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SQL Simple Pivot On Date And Sums


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/* Missing Fields? */
SELECT myDate, Hours FROM
    CONVERT(NVARCHAR(MAX), myDate) AS myDate,
  FROM myTable
) AS PivotSource
  FOR [myDate]
  /* What Goes Here? */
  IN ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7])
) AS PivotTable

Hi all!

Not sure what I am doing wrong, Im trying to Pivot with my Sum Results going into a Date Column for the totals of Hours

What am I doing wrong?

The result that I want should look like this:

2021-09-21  2021-09-22  2021-09-23  (Next Date)  (Next Date 2)
       8.5           0        5.75  (Hours Sum)  (Hours Sum 2)


How can I do this?

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If all you want is a row of date headings and a single row of totals, using PIVOT seems like overkill.

    $res = $con->query("SELECT pay_date
                             , SUM(amount) as total
                        FROM income
                        GROUP BY pay_date
    $data = $res->fetchAll();
    $heads  = "<tr><td>" . join('</td><td>', array_column($data, 'pay_date')) . "</td></tr>\n";
    $totals = "<tr><td>" . join('</td><td>', array_column($data, 'total')) . "</td></tr>\n";


    <table border='1'>


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You got the simplified version of what I was trying to do.  I just needed a foundation of getting a Pivot to work.  Add in N number of columns, and make the column names dynamic as well as aggregated sums from stepped groups.

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