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Conditional style for specific data in PHP


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Currently I have a table displaying all of the agents and a count of their leads status shown in the same row. Now these agents can be Active or Inactive, but both are shown in my table. This active/inactive status is shown in my users table under the status column as either Y or N. Now this is the code I'm using to get my data:

Model Class:

function get_agentsreport(){
        $this->db->select("l.lead_status,cu.display_name,cu.status,count(*) as leadnum,l.enquiry_date");
        $this->db->from($this->table_name." as l");
          $this->db->join("crm_clients_users cu","cu.id= l.lead_agent","left");
          $this->db->join("crm_clients_users cu2","cu2.id= l.external_agent","left");
        $query = $this->db->get();

View Class:

    $ls_arr = array(1=>'Open',8=>'Hot',2=>'Closed',3=>'Transacted',4=>'Dead',9=>'Follow Up',11=>'Working'); 
     foreach($groupedleads as $grplead){
        $statuses[] = $status = $ls_arr[$grplead["lead_status"]];
        if($grplead["display_name"] == NULL || $grplead["display_name"] == '')
            $grplead["display_name"] = "Unknown";
            $display_names[] = $display_name = $grplead["display_name"];
        $leaddata[$status][$display_name] = $grplead["leadnum"];
        if($grplead['status'] == "N"){
                    $inactive_status == true;

    if(count($display_names) > 0)
      $display_names = array_unique($display_names);
            foreach($display_names as $display_name){ 
                    $total = 0;
                    if ($inactive_status )
                      echo "<td style='background-color:#000'>".$display_name."</td>";
                      echo "<td>".$display_name."</td>";
                    foreach ($statuses as $status) {
          <?php } ?>

Now I'm trying to differentiate the active and inactive users by a change in the style and as shown here I've tried if($grplead['status'] == "N"){$inactive_status == true;} but in my table it always goes to the else statement and doesn't compute the first if statement. I've also tried if($grplead['status'] == "Y"){$inactive_status == true;} but it gives the same output.

I've tried logging this status by print_r($grplead['status']); which gave the correct result like YYYYNY. So it is giving the correct status for each person, but for some reason it does not work in my if condition

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1 minute ago, requinix said:

You've got more problems in there than that, but

Don't do inline CSS. Give the TD a class name like "agent-status-Y" or "agent-status-N" and then create a CSS rule or two to give the TD appropriate styling accordingly.

More problems? But when I log `$grplead['status']` it gives me the correct output showing YYYYNY. And by css rule do you mean:

echo "<td class=" <?php echo $inactive_status == true?'agent-status-N':'agent-status-Y'">".$display_name."</td>"; ?

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  • Solution
9 hours ago, KSI said:

More problems?

Like how $inactive_status is never assigned a value. Or how it would be set to true if any of the agents are status=N.

And I don't understand why you have all this stuff dealing with $statuses and $display_names.


9 hours ago, KSI said:

But when I log `$grplead['status']` it gives me the correct output showing YYYYNY. And by css rule do you mean:

echo "<td class=" <?php echo $inactive_status == true?'agent-status-N':'agent-status-Y'">".$display_name."</td>"; ?

That's the general idea, though what you have there won't work (see what I said above).

You can throw class names onto whatever elements you want to represent whatever information you want, then add CSS rules to target things you care about.

Consider this:

$month = 10;
$year = 2021;

$daysinmonth = date("t", mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, 1, $year));

for ($day = 1; $day <= $daysinmonth; $day++) {
	$date = mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, $day, $year);

	list($monthname, $dayname, $weekday, $fulldate) = explode("/", date("F/l/N/F jS", $date));

	$isweekday = $weekday <= 5;


<span class="month-<?=$monthname?> day-<?=$dayname?> <?=$isweekday ? 'is-weekday' : 'is-weekend'?>">
	<?=$fulldate?> is a <?=$dayname?>





<span class="month-October day-Friday is-weekday">October 1st is a Friday</span>
<span class="month-October day-Saturday is-weekend">October 2nd is a Saturday</span>
<span class="month-October day-Sunday is-weekend">October 3rd is a Sunday</span>
<span class="month-October day-Monday is-weekday">October 4th is a Monday</span>

and then you can do things like

.day-Monday::after { content: "😢"; }
.day-Friday::after { content: "🎉"; }
.is-weekend { background-color: #ccc; }


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