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key with multiple values storing


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$data = "foo:home,food,brand:tulasi";
list($user, $uid) = explode(":", $data);
echo "kk".$uid."</br>";

i want store two values home and food into foo 

how to store

guide me



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What do you think that explode is doing for you?  Did you echo out your user and uid values after the explode

Here is what I get:

$data = "foo:home,food,brand:tulasi";
list($user, $uid) = explode(":", $data);
echo "user is $user and uid is $uid";


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3 hours ago, durga said:

$data = "foo:home,food,brand:tulasi";

Why reinvent a perfectly good Wheel?  
Compound data structures are already rather well catered for by [things like] JSON: 

$jsonText = '{"foo":["home","food"],"brand":"tulasi"}';
$json = json_decode( $jsonText );

echo count( $json->foo ); 
// 2

echo $json->brand; 
// 'tulasi'

var_dump( $json ); 
//object(stdClass)#1 (2) 
//  ["foo"]=> array(2) 
//  { 
//    [0]=> string(4) "home" 
//    [1]=> string(4) "food" 
//  } 
//  ["brand"]=> string(6) "tulasi" 

The problem with your code is that the comma character (",") is being used to separate both the top-level items (foo and brand) and the individual values of foo!  
The explode() function cannot tell the difference between these two usages of the comma character. 

   Phill  W.


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