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  1. Is there a problem here? What's keeping you from a) formatting your script so it is readable and b) from doing it?
  2. Just an odd thought. A "sort order" field being defined as a decimal field seems wrong. A simple field, char or integer, for sorting would make more sense.
  3. Nice that you posted it correctly, but still WAY too much code for the point of your question imho
  4. Uh.... When you unset the variable any test for it not being empty or not being null is going to fail so no echo. If you had php error checking turned on you would probably be seeing a warning/notice concerning that session var.
  5. Way too much code to just talk about the db structure and how it's used......
  6. The "from" address is used by the mail program as the legitimate "from address" of the email being sent. So - you have to set that header value to the address you want. But - you must use an address that your mail server recognizes, usually one from the same domain and not one that an anonymous user provides to you in a form field.
  7. What is this line doing for you? $from = '<Form Submitter>'; I don't recognize this syntax. Apparently you are just setting your header to show a string as the from argument and not an email address.
  8. Actually it was a 'spelling' correction. Not grammar. Just didn't want you to repeat the same mistake...
  9. Probably need quotes around the value. Of course, the proper way to write your query is to NOT use the * but rather specify the column names (fields) that you want to retrieve. $q = "select * from table_1 where id='$id'";
  10. You certainly need to do some reading to get a grip on how these things work. PHP runs on the server and prepares the web page and the server then sends it to the client - with only HTML and JS/JQ code (and perhaps some other newer stuff) present. PHP code embedded in html tags is just there (on the server) to provide some data for the html to display (although I prefer to embed php vars rather than actual code). The webpage may have some js/jq code that gets triggered by events that happen at the client level. Eventually the html gets triggered to submit the page and its entries back to the server, triggering perhaps another PHP script (or the same one again) to run on the server and process the inputs received from the client. Don't confuse the two. Basically it's "PHP on the server; JS/JQ on the client".
  11. YOu have a mysqlI call and a mysql call. That's the problem. (among others I expect). You should read up on prepared query statements
  12. Good luck. I don't understand anything you said in post #2
  13. Is this truly a "class" (as in 'classroom') project? Is this how you intend to solve all of your homework? What you have described really is difficult to follow. Why did you not just give us the text of the assignment?
  14. If that is ALL it is, then we should let the OP do her homework herself. Does no good for us to do it. She is on the first page of a long learning process that involves actual research to become proficient at it.
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