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  1. ginerjm

    For Each Loop Insert

    I would begin with the invoice numbers table and perhaps add the user id to it. Then insert a new record there with the user id , then get back the just-created invoice number. You don't have to add the user id since you have it in the billable lines table already. Next time though you should think about your db design. BTW - where IS your user data stored, such as address, contact info, etc.? Second - you would then select those billable lines that match that user id and do not yet have an invoice number. The question that comes up tho is do you want to invoice ALL of these lines or do you give the user a screen to select those to be invoiced? Once you have decided on which billable lines are to go on the new invoice it's a simple matter to do an update query to add the invoice number to the matching billable line ids for that user id which would be a simple query, not a loop process. Read up on the "where in() " sql clause.
  2. ginerjm

    For Each Loop Insert

    not following all of your discussion but suggesting this: do not create unnecessary table entries for something already saved in the billable items table do create the user record for the new invoice id along with its date and anything else necessary add the new invoice id to EACH billable item in the billable items table. I assume that you already have the userid in that same table. no need for saving any kind of total since it can always be re-calculated using a query.
  3. Do you have php error checking on to catch any typos you may made in all of this new (and tedious) code?
  4. Why don't you compare the two sets of code (cause I am not going to!) and see what you changed. You do know you have a big chunk commented out?
  5. Hmmm.... 23 hours ago and no problem or code forthcoming. Guess this is resolved.
  6. ginerjm

    Strange outcomes with $stmt->fetchColumn()

    I have not seen this done before so here's my question. If you do a fetchcolumn the manual says you can't retrieve any other column from that row again. You are attempting to do a fetch (of a whole row) after having done the fetchcolumn. I wonder if you would be retrieving the 2nd row of the results when you do the fetch (row) instead of the first row. If you only have one row returned what will the fetch call return to you - a False value? Why do you do the fetchcolumn anyway? Can't you just do a rowcount call instead?
  7. ginerjm

    submitting form data to a PHP script

    I see two pieces of code here - an html form and a php script that grabs the inputs from that form. Where is the problem?
  8. And do you already have the code that will handle the completed "full" cart? The payment logic perhaps? Seems like you are asking us for step #1 but will you then be asking for steps 2,3 & 4?
  9. ginerjm

    Turn checkboxes on or off programatically

    When you receive the form the first time (and every time after that) create an array of the 'values' that were checked. When you output the form again, as you build the html code check that array for the values that need to be re-checked and check them as they are built. easy-peasy.
  10. I don't even understand what you have posted.
  11. ginerjm

    Read folder

    Why dont' you show us what your code looks like now so we can help you?
  12. ginerjm

    Create form send to database

    I am confused.....
  13. ginerjm

    i want a code in php to check if user open this page

    And how do you know the user? FYI - it helps if the forum users create just a bit more of a post if they want serious help. A post that doesn't say anything more than the title says isn't really giving us much to work with. You want "a code". Just what do you define that as? A block of code? A script? "Open this page"? Do you mean "open each page"?

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