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  1. ginerjm


    If ($value{0} is supposed to be an array reference you are doing it wrong. Correct array references use square brackets, not braces
  2. As you can see my incoming url had the + chars in it and I had to dump them. They were a direct result of doing the encode. Prior to that I had ampersanded numbers (chars) in the query value.
  3. ginerjm


    I hate them. Did you have something else to say?
  4. Never mind - Discovered the function "urldecode". Thanks to Kicken.
  5. OK - this is what I attempted. $url_qry = urlencode($c); echo "c is $c and url_qry is now $url_qry<br>"; Then I output my html with echo "<a href='members_by_age_rpt.php?range=$url_qry'>$c</a>"; but what does my receiving script have to do to interpret that range value now? http://xxx.com/tools/members_by_age_rpt.php?range=25+%26+Under This is what comes in.
  6. Don't know why the site created a second topic of this item. There is some kind of change that asks one to supply an answer to recognize solutions that I never saw before. Must me that. And for all I know there may be another.
  7. I have never had to deal with this so I'm a bit lost. I have a php script that needs to send an anchor tag that looks like: members_by_age_rpt.php?range=25%20&%20Under With PHP the problem is I don't know what I have to do to the 'range' value to make it recognizable. Tried html_entity_decode but that doesn't seem to be the proper treatment. So what is it I have to do to end up with a proper 'range' value/string of "25 & Under"?
  8. What device counts an atm card? Never heard of even a need for that. And just what does this question have to do with PHP - a computer language, not exactly a "card counter". A device? You mean like some machine?
  9. I totally agree. Storing image files and such as columns in a table is just not right. Better, as you said, to store the name of that file and have a pre-set path that your app uses to find it.
  10. But - where is the code? A lot of us are afraid (rightfully so) to click on posters links. Pick out the part of your code that is giving you this message and post it here in the <> tags(above) And be sure to tell us which line matches the error message line number.
  11. After seeing ALL of these posts that were impossible to read I felt like giving the OP a 'suggestion' perhaps. OP - if the post is not easily readable by you when you create it, why would you want to post it for US to try and read something like that? We would like to help you out but not if it means we have to struggle to understand it. Make It Easy for us please. Code with basically one instruction per line, text that one doesn't have to scroll through left and right. Code that is in text format and not an image file or something which we cannot copy into our editor and modify to show you what we are suggesting.
  12. Besides what Barand has said you need to know that every input tag has to have a name= attribute for it to recognized by your php code. The id attribute is necessary if you want to reference a field with JS code or to set the focus onto it at page load.
  13. It was. If I did what was asked that is.
  14. Here is what I wrote. $a = array(11,22,33); $b = array(44,55,66); $c = array(66,77,88); $d = array(99,100,110); $e = array(111,122,133); foreach($a as $a_val) foreach($b as $b_val) foreach($c as $c_val) foreach($d as $d_val) foreach($e as $e_val) echo "A:$a_val B:$b_val C:$c_val D:$d_val E:$e_val<br>"; exit();
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