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  1. Leaving a site un-maintained for 12 years is not very responsible of your management team. All computer code needs maintenance/updating over its lifetime. That includes big iron and small alike, including web-based stuff. Your code is so out of date you need to devote some talented, skillful programming staff to this app to bring it into the 21st century.
  2. Whatever are you trying to say with this line?
  3. ginerjm

    Hide address bar directory in hosting.

    You need to express yourself better. The terms you are using are not very specific and don't tell us what you want to do. Going with your original post here are some things in reply: you can't 'hide' your root directory. What would be the point of it anyway? That is your website's primary focus, or what should be. 'hide php classes'? As you know php doesn't show up on your web pages - it is processed on your server and the output of that is html/js/css code, not php code. Unless you are talking about people using an ftp client to access your root folder which if possible indicates a serious lack of security in your entire web site. Please clarify: 'a hosting'. What do you define those words to mean? Also: what is the 'it' in the following: 'When I access it'. See what I mean about your post? Not very clear as to what you so plainly can see in front of you but which we cannot.
  4. ginerjm

    Do you see my coding error?

    Why don't you echo the name from the record as well to help solve your dilemma?
  5. ginerjm

    How to use Aws Media Convert using php?

    media convert? Please give us a little more to go on if you are looking for our input. And no - I won't click on some url that you have posted for us to get hung up on.
  6. ginerjm

    Set post value of checkbox to empty

    You do not have the Null setting checked? Think about it - you have a definition of a numeric type but you want to put a (in your words) 'blank' in it. That is a string value. No can do. If you want to record either a 1 or a null value you can do it if you check the Null setting in your database definition of this field. Please show us your actual query statement that is setting your value so we can be sure it is being done correctly.
  7. ginerjm

    Set post value of checkbox to empty

    As Barand has pointed out you have to be sure about what you actually get in your POST since checkboxes don't get sent to you if they are not checked. I missed that in my first reply. But - Barand's solution will give you a 0 to be posted and that is not what I think you wanted to happen. You will have to show us your query statement that is posting this column. Does it have a value of null for this column/field? Or does it have a value of 'null' which is a string value that will be incompatible with an integer column definition.
  8. ginerjm

    Set post value of checkbox to empty

    You're not being very clear. Are we to assume that you are using the checkbox value to post something to a database table? And that when un-checking the box you want to unset whatever field you previously set to a '1' to some null value rather than a '0'? If my guess is correct then setting it to a blank value would depend upon how you have defined your table structure. Have you allowed this column to have a null value?
  9. ginerjm

    Html table iteration with php

    Obviously you don't have php error checking turned on or are not looking for errors in the error log. One cannot output an array var directly - you have to break it down, which I am SURE you wish to do here. So you apparently have a table that has a set of saleid records. And you are querying them all here. And for each of those saleid values (ie, row) you want to select a set of 'values' that belong to it. But then you want to display html tables of those values without any indication of what saleid they belong to. Have I got it yet? And what is the user supposed to do with this display?
  10. ginerjm

    Html table iteration with php

    Your html code for the table is no good. You begin with a </td> in your loop. Huh? And just why do you want to produce multiple identical tables that have no reference to this saleid value? Perhaps you want to explain the problem to be solved rather than ask us for a solution that is impossible to create without fully understanding the task.
  11. ginerjm

    preg_match question

    My bad. Requinex made me re-examine the OP question and I see now that I looked at the examples and assumed they were in time sequence. Mis-applied my knowledge (or lack of!) to the question. Sorry for not being a help...
  12. ginerjm

    preg_match question

    What makes you think you should get back a 1 or 0? The manual says you will get back the updated string.
  13. ginerjm

    Up all night with DAYS

    Let me provide some assistance since it seems I did not apparently. $finish = start('d-m-Y', strtotime($start. ' + 3 days')); echo $finish; What happens when you actually RUN this code? Hopefully you have php error checking turned on so that you see the error message it should produce. Of course, by now you have taken my previous advice to reference the PHP manual and have solved your problem using the datetime functions.
  14. ginerjm

    Up all night with DAYS

    phpup - aren't you being rather rude as someone who is seeking help? You posted what is supposedly your code. You made reference to something "start(....)" which is obviously a function. Certainly not a PHP function so we can only assume that you wrote a function named 'start'. Then when questioned about it you get rude. Why don't you stick to ONE problem at a time. Get the answer to that one and you may just learn something that will help you with your next problem. PS - have you bothered to look up the datetime functions in the PHP manual?
  15. ginerjm

    Android file uploads

    If that is the answer to my question I am in the wrong forum. Not familiar with Anroids bu1t if you are talking about features supplied by the phone rather than the application, why are you asking us here for help?

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