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  1. I have no idea what AV packages you are talking about. Get a well-respected one such as Norton or McAfee and use it. I have used Norton for the last 10 years or so. People have their faves but this has worked very well for me. I don't know how long you have been using a device on the internet but to not have any antivirus is quite the mistake. Get one, install it and run a full scan immediately.
  2. If you need to find the record with the value of PENDING equaling 1, why do you need a limit? And is PENDING an integer or a text value? You make it appear to be a text one. In your query you have a field called BIN. Yet in your reference to the values retrieved from the query result you seem to be looking for a constant named BIN. Which is it? And again - is BIN an integer or is it a string? So many questions. Here is a sample of how I would write your query to do some error checking. You need to address my questions tho. if (!$db_connection = mysqli_connect($host, $user, $password, $database)) { echo "Could not make db connection"; exit(); } $sql = "SELECT BIN FROM listofbins WHERE PENDING='1' LIMIT 1"; if (!$result = mysqli_query($db_connection,$sql)) { echo "Error running query: $sql<br>"; exit(); } $owew = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC); if ($owew['BIN]' > '100') { echo "Pending BIN over the number 100: ". $owew['BIN']; } exit();
  3. If you had an A/V you would know if you had something on your pc. And if you don't, GET ONE.
  4. Could you use some punctuation when you write English. It is very difficult to read what appears to be a run-on sentence when you post. It might also help all of us who you are asking for help to understand you better.
  5. Do you have an A/V on your primary device so that you can begin to protect yourself?
  6. Ok - yes I did. Re-copied the json and it now runs for me. So now the question from the op is "what is a state return". What are you looking for OP? If the return of the value of 'online' is desired I have managed to get this back: Config group id 2 is True Config group id 3 is False Config group id 9 is True And this is the code I used: $decoded = json_decode($json_code, true); foreach($decoded as $k=>$arr) { $result = $arr['online'] == '1' ? 'True' :'False'; echo "Config group id {$arr['config_group_id']} is $result<br>"; }
  7. OK - I did remove the [] but now I've added them to the json variable and this is the output I have to show: Step 1. A print_r of my json variable is: [ { "config_group_id":2, "device_count":2, "devices": [ "11:22:00:00:00:01", "11:22:00:00:00:02" ], "name":"Bob", "pause":false, "profile_id":2, "timespent": { "has_quota":false, "quota":0, "total_spent": { "normal":91, "reward":0 } }, "online_device_count":1, "online":true }, { "config_group_id":3, "device_count":2, "devices": [ "11:22:00:00:00:03", "11:22:00:00:00:04" ], "name":"Alex", "pause":false, "profile_id":3, "timespent": { "has_quota":false, "quota":0, "total_spent": { "normal":0, "reward":0 } }, "online_device_count":0, "online":false }, { "config_group_id":9, "device_count":3, "devices": [ "11:22:00:00:00:05", "11:22:00:00:00:06", "11:22:00:00:00:07" ], "name":"$lan$", "pause":false, "profile_id":4, "timespent": { "has_quota":false, "quota":0, "total_spent": { "normal":638, "reward":0 } }, { "online_device_count":2, "online":true } } ] ********************* Step 2. Print_r after the json_decode call shows: ********************* Step 3. Var dump of the decode result variable: NULL
  8. I very rarely use Json and do not profess any knowledge there. But when I put your json into a small php script and ran the json_decode on it, I get a null response which manual says indicates an error in the json itself.
  9. The 'last..' dates - Are you looking for records that are related to the current date (today?) or are they related to the last date you have on file for each unique 'symbol'?
  10. Just a quick thought - doesn't the function in_array kinda do this for you? Your code is only looking for a single array element, no? So it's s/b quick
  11. Might need a wordpress forum for this question. Or someone here who uses it a lot
  12. A rather unnecessary function if that is all you need to happen. You can easily type that one echo line when you need instead of making a function to do it for you. BTW - you are defaulting the argument to an empty array. Don't you want to check if the arg is actually empty and not do the echo in the function?
  13. Something new to us not-yet-on-8 users. As for get_field, just what is that? Is that V8 as well?
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