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  1. ginerjm

    Setting deep object properties

    did you ever consider that having a structure so very deep is possibly a poor design?
  2. ginerjm

    Dont get all information in the mail.

    You now have a form (missing a </form> tag) so what is next on improving your process? Changing the PHP code perhaps to handle the inputs better?
  3. ginerjm

    Dont get all information in the mail.

    As pointed out above you are saying that you want certain data in the message, but you don't PUT IT IN THE MESSAGE. Also - you want to show the message as an HTML message but your headers state you are sending a "text/plain" email. Fix this and as benanamen says fix the input checking and you will have a good bit of code here.
  4. ginerjm

    classes, interfaces and methods

    What reference materials have you read to learn about each of these tools?
  5. ginerjm

    Phprunner 8.0

    Have no idea what that post of yours is trying to say. How about re-writing it with a little more care to the English and the punctuation so that we may understand it better? Sentences end with periods. They start with caps. And they should really make sense when you re-read them before hitting send.
  6. ginerjm

    PHP Help with variables

    I see confusing things here. LIke no form tag for your inputs, no <select> tag for your <option>. So - what is this "Destination number" you are referencing? I see you have assigned a text string to the $destination variable, but I see no other reference to a "destination".
  7. ginerjm

    mySQL day/time Best Practices

    For php you can make a setting in the main php.ini file that selects your preferred timezone. Do a phpinfo() call and see what the current default setting is. If you don't like it, have your hosting co. place the correcting setting in the .ini file. If they say they can't do that, make them place a copy of the main php.ini file in your domain area and make the setting change for you.
  8. ginerjm

    mySQL day/time Best Practices

    Not sure what your logic is trying to accomplish but if it were me I would be saving the value in $date to the table and nothing else. When you retrieve the date value (in MySQL that column would be defined as 'datetime') you can format it for display in any way you want. As it is, you are storing a string value and that is just not right.
  9. ginerjm

    How to make it insert info from session

    You should write query statements into a variable to make it easier to debug should you need to, as in this case. $q = "SELECT * FROM {$_SESSION['datakey']}"; echo "Query looks like: $q"; $results = mysqli_query($con, $q); Run this code and look at the actual query you created to ensure that your assumptions are correct.
  10. Whatever made you consider using the information schema table to do some query? Why why why? If the problem is trying to get a readable column heading for each column that you are querying for, why not just create an array that uses the actual column name as the key and your desired column heading value as the array's value? Then: echo "tr'; $first=true; while($row = $qry_results->fetch()) { if ($first) { foreach ($row as $k=>$v) { echo "<th>" . $column_names["$k"] . "</th>"; } echo "</tr>"; $first = false; } // continue with output of actual query data here // end of while loop } This is un-tested but it gives you the jist of my idea.
  11. ginerjm

    How to get data from MySQL

    Yes! Read a book! Do some learning.
  12. Is it possible to have some kind of delete function on notifications? I don't have that many, but I would like to clean them up/out once I have read them. Seems like it should be a simple thing to implement.
  13. ginerjm

    Getting hacked

    What silly code. You don't even understand how to write JS code nor that anyone who views the source of the page will see your (secret) values. Of course you are getting hacked thru this script if that is what you are asking!!! Go back to your comic books since you obviously can't seem to read anything else.
  14. What legitimate reason would ANYONE have for doing what you want to do. I certainly will not help nor anyone else who wants to do this. You want to do some kind of scam on someone and can't even TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN THE TECHNOLOGY TO DO IT!!!!
  15. ginerjm

    Download file from mySQL database (blob)

    "your project requires" that you store files in a db? Who is making this a requirement? Not a teacher I hope!

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