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  1. Now that Barand has shown you to setup the buttons, you just need to write code to not only recognize that your for has been 'posted' but then checkk and see what $_POST['btnSub'] is equal to and proceed to your logic.
  2. Are the 'fields' in each line separated by anything other than a space character? Perhaps a tab? If so, the best solution would be to load the text file into an sql table and then you could do this so much easier with a query. As it is it is a bear.
  3. Why don't you google it and read up about it? The first module mentioned that is...
  4. And what about when your system upgrades and starts flagging warnings as deprecated or 'no longer allowed' and it will no longer run without fixing these things that you don't want 'displaying'?
  5. Taking the easy way out..... Not a typical programmer's solution to things.
  6. I know it's a piece of cake to use an anchor tag with the target attribute to open a new window for the href referenced. I want to do that using an input/submit tag instead of the anchor but can't remember/figure it out. Am I forgetting something or can it not be done. And if not, how would you accomplish this task?
  7. I like the idea that it could be a school assignment but the OP did say that he was a coder previously and is now returning. Sounds more like a promise that is being more trouble than he thought. But he clearly does not make his current position/status clear. He stated that he 'just wanted to know the procedure'. Doesn't sound like a coder to me. I figure this topic will go inactive very soon.
  8. "is there any web Script" ? Whatever are you trying to ask? Are you thinking of writing an app (which sounds new to you!) while under a deadline? If so - good luck with that!! You sound to me like someone who has a whole lot to learn and that doesn't happen at the drop of a hat.
  9. Not following some of your English. I assume that you know HTML, CSS and JS since you didn't answer those queries. And you have a development area. But - have you designed your own proper database yet? What version of PHP are you running? Makes a difference if you haven't coded in a long time. (Suggestion - use the PDO interface for your db work. Much easier than using MySqli) My suggestion - start with the db design for your signon table. Then design the login form/script that runs it and processes the input. Then write the query to interact with the signon table and test it out. And lastly add the necessary code to make that page safe to use and not allow non-users to get thru it. I think just doing this will warm you up and get you back into coding and bringing you up to the way it's done in the 21st.
  10. What about all of my other questions?
  11. This forum is helpful to those who are attempting to write their app/code. Are you planning on doing that or are you looking to hire someone? If the latter, there is a different forum here for that need. And if you are planning on writing this yourself, what do you know how to do? Write HTML? CSS? JS? I assume that you know PHP since you are posting here. So do you have a full set of tools at your side? And do you know how to design a proper RDBMS and how to write the necessary queries to update it and retrieve data from it and display it? And do you have knowledge of the necessary PHP security functions to protect your data and your app?
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