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  1. ginerjm

    Creating Setup

    It sounds more like you are asking about data storage than php programming. Not sure I understand this "trophy" conversation but it sounds like you are talking about awards won by the game's designers and you want to list them to let your viewers know about them. So - for each game I would link that record to another table that has individual records for each game's awards/trophies. Of course - if these awards are actually won by multiple games then you may want to just have a table of "trophies" and link those records to each game that has won one. Two different schemes but very similar.
  2. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    Sarcasm? I suggest you re-read my post.... The difference is you only create an array that has immediate usage as in when you have an error to output only then do you bother to store it. Plus - from a maintenance POV - you can keep track of exactly where an error message is derived from instead of trying to relate a set of them stored off to the side and where the code is that triggers one of them to show up. You also can easily check if you HAVE any errors by doing what I said instead of having to keep track of some kind of switch that tells you if you want to output any errors. Basically, it's just simpler.
  3. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    PHP ... simply manipulating arrays? Wow - I would have never thought of that. There is so much much more that one can do with PHP. It is incredible how many extensions/add-ons have been written to complement native PHP that for someone to boil it all down to "manipulating arrays" is hard to fathom. Glad to see that mac_gyver figured it out for you. As for how to handle error messages - you tried one way but it's kind of backwards. Instead of storing your set of canned messages use an array to save generated messages. You can do it with just a numeric (default) key that is meaningless or with a named index to help you decide how to output them, but the values will be whatever message you want to eventually output. So - as you go thru your processing and accumulate errors you build/manipulate this array and at the end of your logic test if the array is empty or not and then output it or do whatever you intended to do with the user's input.
  4. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    Obviously the form is no valid since you are not getting anything back. That's why I asked that you LOOK at the web page content using the 'view source' option of your browser to see what you have out there. You can certainly "go scour" but the short answer is to go see what is (NOT) getting sent. PS - When I took JUST your form's code and put it into a little test script I managed to get it sent. I then made entries for the two problem input elements and clicked on the Update button and got back data. So - the form code is valid (as you say) and works when clicked. Therefore - I'd say your script is NOT sending it in the first place.
  5. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    Back to the topic at hand.... So - I want you to look at the source code of your displayed web page and make sure you have a valid "form" entity in it. To get the output that you say you received tells me that you did not get a proper submit from this form of yours so I'd have to question what got sent to your page.
  6. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    Assuming that this: if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') { // Error declaration $error = ["Your file is too big!", "There was an error uploading your file!", "Cannot upload file of this type!", "Empty fields!"]; // Process POST variables $videoTitle = $_POST['video_title']; $videoDesc = $_POST['textarea-videoDesc']; is where your error is occurring, add the following: echo "<pre>",print_r($_POST,true),"</pre>"; right after the "Process POST variables" comment line. Let's see what your POST array has in it!
  7. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    Ok - you've added a third block of code and again - What is the realationship between all of these? Which one comes first?? I have to ask this before considering the possible reasons for your error messages. At first glance your error is because you haven't yet received the submit from the form, hence there is no post with those elements in it. IMHO the way to write this script would be to first check if the post has been received by checking the $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] for a value of 'POST'. If you don't have it yet then don't go processing anything from that form. Keep moving on down your script until you get to the part that displays the html and then exit and wait.
  8. ginerjm

    POST error upon uploading a file

    You showed us two separate blocks of code. What is there physical relationship in this script? Does the first block get executed when the second has not been run yet? Do you actually confirm that you have a post array at some point?
  9. ginerjm

    Organizing related applications

    What happened to your last hugely complex and incomprehensible posted topic? I was reading it just to see what it ended up being but didn't see a resolution. On to a new topic to confound your readers already?
  10. ginerjm

    Submit large form created with select statement

    You vastly improved your form code with your second posting but then you added some new problems. If you are using an array for the multiple instances your input items then LEAVE OUT THE INDEX. What good is it to define a single index for your array elements when you want to have multiple instances of that element?? They are all going to be id'ed as element 'equipmentId'. (PS - leave out the up and lower cases in php - it's just a pia down the road.) PPS - you still have a tag outside of the td elements that will get displaced when output. Other than that - I have no idea what your goal is here.
  11. ginerjm

    PHP in CSS with SQL and Sessions

    Oh, youth....
  12. ginerjm

    PHP in CSS with SQL and Sessions

    Gas? A term I am unfamiliar with. So - you have no answers for my queries. I dont' understand why you are writing code to "create" css code. I asked if that was what you meant. You ignored me. Have fun!
  13. ginerjm

    Doctrine, Composer, and namespace

    It is really incredible how MANY different problems you encounter and have to post for us to puzzle over. So much stuff I have never imagined could be in existence and you seem to come up with reasons why they don't work for you. Do you just spend 24x7 researching things to learn about? Or do you have such a diverse workload that you have to learn all of this "stuff"? All of the things you have posted can't possibly all be connected, can they? If so it must be one heck of a project!
  14. ginerjm

    PHP in CSS with SQL and Sessions

    "create css classes" or "use different css classes"??? You could make your process simpler by writing a better query. It is not recommended to run a query inside a loop. Write the query to gather All of your desired data then go thru those results without having to do another query. Also - I don't use headers much other than for normal html page outputs so I don't know what a header using "text/css" is supposed do. Are you saying that your entire output is simply css data and nothing else? I don't see much of any typical web page's items here so hard to say WTH you are trying to do. Have to agree strongly with Benanamen here. Do you know the typical format of a properly written html document?
  15. ginerjm

    403 surprise

    And the Oscar goes to: KICKEN!!! Your suggestion was spot on. My host did say that they had recently added mod_security and that cpanel offered an on/off switch. So - I turned it off and everything now works. Thanks to all who listened to my scenario and provided their input. As always - great help!!

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