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  1. I am certainly not an expert on this subject but I would NEVER use W3 as a resource.
  2. What have you done to try and debug this? Too much code for us to be asked to read thru and try and decipher. BTW - do you always write your code with so many indents and blank lines to make it harder to follow?
  3. your initial post is meaningless. I-m trying to do the following !! (I THINK YOU MEANT TO write I'm instead of I-m. At least I hope you do.) What is the following? You don't say what it is you are trying to do. Listing data in the table !! Listing data is a normal procedure for programmers to accomplish. What is the problem? You don't say. I would like....if the list has 4 rows..whetever the ID list is..make the ID list 1 2 3 4 !! Example.....if have a list with ID 1 3 3...make stay 1 2 3 !! If you have an "ID" of some sort in your database then it should not be altered and it should be UNIQUE. Yet - you are saying that when displayed you want the "ID" to be modified to show your records with a new consecutive list of ids that are not what your database should be showing. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? Maybe you need to explain in English what it is you are trying to do.
  4. you are not enabling php error checking or you would be seeing a lot of error messages. Turn it on! For example: $row[ID] is an invalid line. Any reference to an array value must either be a php variable or a text value wrapped in quotes to identify it as text or else a number. After that - I don't have a clue what you are trying to write. $row['ID'] This is how it needs to be in your case.
  5. You say you are getting stuck at a certain line. What does stuck mean? Error message? No response from script?
  6. And try to get new sets of 'data' in a better format. A PDF is something that someone created to deliver data/info to you. Why can't they deliver it to you in a truly readable format? I mean, have you ever viewed the contents of a pdf document? It is unreadable by the human eye. It must be read by something that knows how to interpret the format that Adobe created years ago to provide info in a format that anyone (not a data processor) could read with Adobe's product line as well as (now) any one of many tools that have been written to interpret them as well.
  7. But none of those 'things' are true 'data providers'. They are documents. Data must be stored in a retrievable way. That means it can be easily read and analyzed and presented as the user wishes. A manual is meant to be visually read. Same for an invoice, a letter in digital format (or in printed format) or sheet music. A pdf is also meant for that purpose. If someone is trying to provide 'data' they should not be creating a pdf out of it. It's really pretty simple. If you have no option other than to try and decipher these pdfs that you already have then you probably need to keep trying to find the proper tool that you can handle.
  8. pdf is a presentation tool to provide a view of things to people using a common format. Why would you think of it as a db format?
  9. What tools have you tried? I did a quick google and see several packages available but have no interest in exploring them for you. FYI - when someone sends me something that I wish to process using php I ask them to provide me the same data in a proper data format rather than a pdf.
  10. Do you have php error checking enabled? I dont think so. How do you know that $_POST['nazov'] actually exists? What is this line supposed to do for you? : if ($klucik = $SQLKEY) I ask that since this is an assignent, not a valid test which I think is what you are looking for. I could probably go on but these 2 lines are enough for now.
  11. That is good to here - that you are a coder. So - do you want to write this in JS or PHP? If JS then you should move to the appropriate forum since this is PHP. If PHP - Do some googling for this topic and see what's out there. Play with it and write something and put some echo statements in it to show what is happening and run it to test it out. Be sure php error checking is turned on. If you get problems that's the time to show us the code and point out where your error message is pointing to and ask for help with that. We're really good at that stuff.
  12. Do you know how to code at all? Cause if you don't you ARE in the wrong place. And - if you are doing this project for a friend, he/she had better be a very forgiving friend.
  13. And what have you attempted to do so far? We help. We don't write.
  14. You have 2 forms defined in this code. Which one isn't working?
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