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  1. IF you are not planning on having the server do the work for you and then re-displaying the page, then you definitely will be using JS.
  2. I am telling you the solution. Use prepared queries. What? You are going to give your friend a half-solution because you don't want to make some changes? Whether he is handicapped or not is the problem. You have told us the problem. I do think we are telling you how to solve it.
  3. And that is one great reason for using prepared queries. Look it up in the manual and change your 'save' queries to use prepared statements. That will solve half your problems. You will then have to handle the output features
  4. You have a function that does not much but call another function which apparently returns this link of yours. What a waste of two functions. Why not just write the link in your code and remove those two functions? Or Show Us This 'L' function's code? (what a horrible name for a function!)
  5. so does that mean you aren't going to share your problem code with us? Clicking on links is not something that everyone likes to do, that's why we have the handy link (<>) to place pasted code into here. And again - only that portion that you can't figure out, not the whole thing.
  6. Are you really trying to code using your phone? Seems like you are adding an extra degree of difficulty to your already-difficult situation.
  7. ARe you using a POST or GET in your form? Whichever it is, change all of your references from $_REQUEST to the PROPER one. That will be a good start. And then show us some of your code so that we can do your work for you.
  8. So - have you added some debugging code to the script to find out what exactly it is accomplishing? Some echos to track the progress of the script? How far it gets? AND - do you have any error checking turned on and any checks of results of your queries perhaps? This is why people code in error checking so they can see right away where a script is going wrong. Obviously you haven't done this or you would be seeing some of your messages. BTW - usually people post code here. Not all of it, but the parts that seem to be the trouble areas.
  9. HTH! And - switching to phpmailer is a very smart move. The old PHP mail() function didn't really give you a good result when there were errors. PHPmailer is much better and much easier to use when you want to do different things with emails like adding attachments.
  10. If the 'from' address from the same domain as your site is running on? IIRC you can't use a 'foreign' from address outside of your domain.
  11. As long as you code that strange path in a single place that is reachable from every script that needs it. You wouldn't want to have to go looking for all occurrences of it if it needed to be altered. And if your string "relative path pointer" is simply a substitute for whatever path you are going to place there. If not, it needs a $ sign
  12. As Kicken says..... Just remember that any modifications you make to fields in form A will be lost if the user submits form B. Those inputs (from the A form) will not be sent to the server as part of the submit normally. Nor should they be. Of course - each of your multiple forms should have the very same field 'names' so that your logic will handle each form properly.
  13. And are his mocks the kind of tests that a hacker would be doing? Black box testing is something that everyone does just to ensure that the algorithm is correct and that the code is doing what the designer wanted it to be doing. A basic necessity of writing code. What your expert is doing is the hard work of protecting your site/files/dbs/etc. from truly malicious happenings and I understand how it could seem different to you, but it is a true necessity.
  14. So you are saying that all of your 'files-to-be-included' exist elsewhere and not on the domain server that you are running on? An odd situation it seems to me.
  15. Where is $person_web_twitter coming from? I don't see it getting any value here. Plus - you probably don't want to burden your class methods with direct output like your echo of a message. You should design the method to return a value and then use a different method to do your insert.
  16. Not too late. Modify the table but still use the literal description in your dropdown and then modify your query. POC!
  17. Have you done any reading on how classes work and how they act when first opened? When one makes a call such as "$myclass_hdl = new MYClass()" one does an "instantiation" of that class and assigns a handle that you continue to use to make further calls to that class and its methods and values. What happens with that "new" call is the construction of a class instance. Whatever you need to do to establish one occurrence (instance) of your class happens at this time. Reading the manual might improve your understanding.
  18. One way might have been to use a different table design. Put the low and high values into it as separate columns, ie, 'low_value', 'high_value' and include the current string as a literal description of this range. Then do a query using a BETWEEN test against "low_value' and 'high_value' and choose whichever one you want to move forward with.
  19. ginerjm

    PHP update

    And? It says that you don't have matching arguments and parameters. That means you have x number of defined parms in your query statement and y number of arguments (variables) bound to those. Fix that and try again. Could be the ssi string is short one character? AND upon a re-read of the message it is definitely the "ssi" string. The number of these parms must match the number of arguments you are supplying.
  20. I personally can not see how I would ever write a block of code that looks like this!! What is that supposed to accomplish? Never mind - I don't want to know.
  21. A clearer test could be to use the "isset" function: if (isset($_SESSION['message'])) echo $_SESSION['message'];
  22. PHP was such a faculty? What does that mean? Am I hearing that you don't know how to program this using php at all and you are in a class to learn such?
  23. Are you trying to learn the calculation (this is not a Math forum) or how to code it using PHP (this is a PHP forum)?
  24. ginerjm

    php array

    Do you think you could write your posts using some punctuation to make it easier to follow what you are saying? Proper sentences would help tremendously instead of a run-on stream of text with no easy way to make sense of what you are trying to say. A period here, a period there and some caps to start would be the thing to do.
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