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I need help for printing table from MySQL in PHP.

i need this:        1 2 3
                          4 5 6
                          7 8 9

no this:    1


If someone has code for that i would appreciate it.


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Run your query (I used pdo) and then do the following:

$row_size = 3;
$cnt = 0;
echo "<table><tr>";
while($row = $pdo->fetch())
	if ($cnt == $row_size)
		echo "</tr><tr>";
		$cnt = 0;
	echo "<td>{$row['item']}</td>";
echo "</tr></table>";


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There are many ways to accomplish this.  What approach have you attempted so far?

  • HTML tables
  • Flexbox
  • Grid

One fundamental technique for procedural programming, when looping through a set of data, is to utilize the modulus operator.   

By checking the remainder of division by the number of items you want per row, you can determine whether or not to start a new line, or whether a new line was just started.

Consider this code that has a simulated result set of rows:


define('PER_ROW', 3);

$resultset[] = array('id' => 3, 'name' => 'Bob');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 5, 'name' => 'Mark');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 9, 'name' => 'Sam');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 10, 'name' => 'Linda');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 11, 'name' => 'Amy');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 75, 'name' => 'John');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 20, 'name' => 'Aaron');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 19, 'name' => 'Ringo');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 2, 'name' => 'Paul');
$resultset[] = array('id' => 99, 'name' => 'George');

foreach ($resultset as $key => $row) {
    if ($key % PER_ROW === 1) {
        // First item in row
        echo "| ";
    echo "{$row['id']}: {$row['name']} | ";
    if ($key % PER_ROW === 0) {
        // Last item in row
        echo PHP_EOL;

echo PHP_EOL;


You can play with this example here: https://3v4l.org/lD83M

Changing the PER_ROW constant to another number like 4 for example, should help you see how this common technique works.

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And, for good measure, I will provide another option: array_chunk()

$columns = 3;

//Put results into an array
$results = $pdo->fetchAll();

echo "<table>";
foreach(array_chunk($results, $columns) as $rowData)
    echo "<tr>";
    foreach($rowData as $record) { echo "<td>{$record['name']}</td>";
    echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";

EDIT: Fixed inner TD tags

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