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How to call several methods of a class instance?


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I would like to execute two functions of a class, during the same instantiation. I need two tasks to run at the same time. See here :

First file : manage_stock_service.php

require_once __DIR__ . "/../../includes/php/initialize.php";
include './../../config/config.inc.php';
include './../../init.php';
include './../ps_emailalerts/MailAlert.php';

class Manage_stock_service extends Initialize   {

    public $resultat;

    public function __construct()   {
        $this->resultat= [];

    public function __destruct()    {
    //Update the stock in database 
    public function manage_stock_supply_order_detail_update()
        $spathSQL_update_stock= $this->GLOBALS_INI["PATH_HOME"] . "files/manage_stock/sql/supply_list/manage_stock_UPDATE_supply_order_update_stock.sql";
        $this->oBdd->getSelectDatas($spathSQL_update_stock, array(
            'id_product' => $old_received['id_product'],
            'id_attribute' => $old_received['id_product_attribute'],
            'quantity' => $diff_received

    //Notifies the customer that the product is back in stock.
    public function sendMailToClient()
        $customer_qty = (int) Configuration::get('MA_CUSTOMER_QTY');
        $quantity = $diff_received;

        if ($customer_qty && $quantity > 0) {
            MailAlert::sendCustomerAlert((int) $old_received['id_product'], (int) $old_received['id_product_attribute']);

And the second : manage_stock_supply_order_detail_update.php

require_once "manage_stock_service.php";

class Manage_stock_supply_order_detail_update   {

    public $resultat;

    public function __construct()   {

        $this->resultat = [];


    function main() {

        $obj_manage_stock_list = new Manage_stock_service();

        $this->resultat = $obj_manage_stock_list->resultat;
        $this->VARS_HTML = $obj_manage_stock_list->VARS_HTML;


I was wondering if it was possible to do $obj_manage_stock_list->sendMailToCustomer();, and if not what would be the way to execute the function in the manage_stock_supply_order_detail_update.php file.

I wanted to execute the sendMailToCustomer() function in the manage_stock_supply_order_detail_update() function but according to my tests this is impossible.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance !

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