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MySQL statement - Help

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Hello Everyone,


I want to insert a new record with data from 2 tables, based on a condition from a table . The insert should be as follows:


INSERT INTO subscriptiontrans (subscriptiontrans_id, subscription_id,

datecreated, paymentdue,

datepaid, subscriptiontype_id,

subscriptiondescription, service_description,

occurence, occurencetype,

currencysymbol, amount, amountlocal, amountdiscount,

amounttax, amountnet, subscriptiontrans_status, printed)

VALUES (????????????)


The tables to get data from are as follows:


Table name: subscription










Table name: subscriptiontype











Table name: currency







The conditions for insert should be as follows:


subscription.datedue = CURDATE()

subscription.subscription_status = 'Active'


The following are calculations and defaults:


subscription_id = subscription.subscription_id

datecreated = CURDATE()

paymentdue = 7 days from CURDATE()

datepaid = NULL

subscriptiontype_id = subscriptiontype.subscriptiontype_id

subscriptiondescription = subscriptiontype.subscriptiondescription

service_description = subscriptiontype.service_description

occurence = subscriptiontype.occurence

occurencetype = subscriptiontype.occurencetype

currencysymbol = currency.currencysymbol

amount = subscriptiontype.amount

amountlocal = currency.rate * subscriptiontype.amount

amountdiscount = subscription.amountdiscount

amountnet = (amountlocal - amountdiscount) * ((100 - amounttax)/100)

subscriptiontrans_status = 'Unpaid'

printed = 'N'


Thanks in advance for your help.



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See [a href=\"http://www.mysqlfreaks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8900&hl=\" target=\"_blank\"]existing thread[/a] on the MySQLFreaks.com forum for my response.

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