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Adding a field to form


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I have added a field using JavaScript but it will not post.

<form method="POST" action="">
  <input type="submit">
const input = document.createElement("input");
input.setAttribute("type", "text");
input.setAttribute("name", "name");
input.setAttribute("value", "value");

Am I missing a certain command?


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you are appending the dynamically created field to the document body, not to the form.

i recommend that you do two things -

  1. instead of building the markup, line by line, attribute by attribute, put the desired markup inside a <div id='template'>...</div>. you can then just copy the innerHTML from this template element to crate each new element.
  2. put another <div id='target'></div> inside the form where you want to append the dynamically created elements.

the javascript would them look like this -

	// create an empty div element
	var divx = document.createElement('div');

	// get the template html and put it into the empty div
	divx.innerHTML = document.getElementById('template').innerHTML;

	// append the new div to the target area on the page


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Posted (edited)

I knew it was something like this.

So I don't need to indicate a form of, just the form tag is enough?

@mac_gyver I like that idea. And the template can essentially be anywhere on the <body> because the placement is handled by "target", right?

Although they do need independent names for submission, don't they?


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