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Just another usefull tool id like to share for WordPress,

To start my DigitalDev community of free and paid PHP plugins/scripts i am trying not to download other peoples plugins for quickness, i would much rather build my own tool for whatever function i need and share turn it into a project and share it.

WPTimeTracker is just a small tool to track tasks and my time, users in WP can create tasks and clock in/out with timers to record your time and assign it to tasks, so we can see how long we worked on our projects, future features will include a timecaqrd where you can assign multiple tasks(and there time records) to create a complete "overall" project time cart, it will allow you to export PDF of all the tasks and time taken on a given project.

You can help me by using (beta testing) the plugin and give me your feedback and future feature suggestions, this would be much appreciated, because i build the tool for myself i often miss out on neat features you might like to see in the applications so please share your ideas.




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