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I'd appreciate some feedback about my website design


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Just to preface this, I'm using Firefox on a 14" screen at the moment

So...right off the bat, I think the logo is good and I like that you've included service reviews on the site! However...

The font + the background look like they are straight from MS Paint. I'd recommend living up the font and centering the 'Call us' part

The 'Regular and Organic' banner should probably be resized and stretched out and put in the header next to the logo -- that way you tackle that huge empty space up there and and remove the image that kind of breaks the flow of your site -- two for the price of one!



****Jay provides ALL-Natural/Non-Toxic Solutions AND traditional pesticides****

should definitely be highlighted with more than just asterisks.

If I were you, I'd remove the really large png of the logo from further down the page altogether as it looks really out of place plus the background of that image is really different to the colour of your overall layout.

I like everything else! :D I think the categories are a clever call and the photos vs text layout was placed really well!

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