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Ajax log on handler wrapping redirected to page in response content

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I have a log on page that is being handled with ajax and going to a php function.

The php function returns some text if the log on is not successful - this is being put into an alert that shows on the page.

If the log in is successful there is a header to redirect to the logged in page.

The issue is that when logging in successfully, the html that wrapped the error messages is now wrapping the whole logged on page that i am rediurected to.

This is the script

		$('#login').click(function() {
			$em = $('#email').val();
			$pw = $('#password').val();

				type: 'post',
				data: {
					'ajax': 'login',
					'email': $em,
					'pass': $pw

				success: function(resp) {
					if(resp != 'success'){
						$('.alert-container').append("<div class='row alert alert-warning text-center'><span class='text-center'>"+resp+"</span></div>")


and this is the php - i added the return success to try and avoid this but it has been unsuccesful in remedying my issue.

function login($email, $pass){
    include 'includes/dbconn.php';
    $sql = "SELECT pass, id, banned from user where email = :email";
    $stmt = $pdo->prepare($sql);
        ':email' => $email
    if ($stmt->rowCount() != 1) {
        return "This is a problem with your account, please email the administrator.";
    } else {
        $row = $stmt->fetch();
        if (password_verify($pass, $row['pass'])) {
            $_SESSION['userId'] = $row['id'];
            header('Location: home.php');
            return "success";
        } else {
            return "Your username and password combination do not match.";


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  • Solution

When you send an ajax request to a page, all output then goes into the response that is returned. (ie what you would see if you called that page in your browser is the reponse (which you can use to your advantage to test ajax responders).

Remove the location header from the responder code and do the redirect in the calling page when you receive a succesful response.

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