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creagia/laravel-sign-pad help installing


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I am trying to install creagia/laravel-sign-pad but obviously i'm doing something wrong.


All clear up to configuration. Database migrated, folders copied as per instructions.


At this stept https://github.com/creagia/laravel-sign-pad#preparing-your-model, I am assuming we are talking about the signatures table.


"A $model object will be automatically injected into the Blade template, so you will be able to access all the needed properties of the model." This step confuses me a little. I just created a new instance of a signatures model and passed that to the view, but something should happen on form submit to populate the signatures table, but nothing does.

Usage step. https://github.com/creagia/laravel-sign-pad#usage

I have created the view file and apparently the form looks ok but on submit nothing happens.

in the Configuration step https://github.com/creagia/laravel-sign-pad#configuration   I'v created a path for the signatures to be stored in ( 'signatures_path' => 'public/vendor/sign-pad/sign',) but nothing seems to happen.


I am trying to achieve this on localhost so any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Check your log files. It sounds a bit like a permissions error, assuming the package works as advertised (I've not read through the code, so I don't know if that's the case or not).

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