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Data not showing properly in correct header

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I am trying to display data from the php file to be in the correct headers, yet its going downwards instead of going across

The php file


$a = array(11,24,3,44,58,16);
// var_dump($a);
// print_r($a)
echo json_encode($a);


The Javascript snippet

if (ajaxReturn(xhr) == true) {
              const response = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText);
            // console.log(xhr.responseText)
            //   document.getElementById('read').innerHTML = response
              let table = ''
              for(let i = 0; i < response.length; i++){
                let num = response[i]
                // concantenate with table elements
                table += '<tr>'
                    // table += '<td>' + num + '</td><td>Some random text</td>'
                    table += '<td>' + num + '</td>'
                table += '</tr>'
              // add to the table html elements and displays data
              document.getElementById('data').innerHTML = table

The html table

<div id="read">
            <tbody id="data"></tbody>



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  • Solution

the code is doing exactly what it was written to do, build a <tr><td>num</td></tr> for each number. if you want to produce a single <tr></tr>, you would need to add the opening <tr> before the start of the looping and add the closing </tr> after the end of the looping.

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