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PHP for member get member offer


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Hi - is there a set of pho code I could use to create a member get member offer for customers - so on the checkout confirmation page I could show a button to click that gives them 20% once they secure a friend's purchase on the site? My site is Propress and uses wordpress and php template files. Thanks Matt.

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Your question is lacking in clarity.

From what you've written, you have some sort of sale, and you want to offer a "button" that does "something" related to some other person potentially purchasing something on "the site".

  • Who is this other person, and how are they to be identified?

It sounds to me like what you are describing is like an affiliate or customer referral code.  I'm not sure why they would need to click on a button, or what that button would do, unless it is just taking you to another page that includes a url parameter back to your site.

Certainly, you can do something like this, but there isn't any magical code(z) floating around that make this work, unless this is functionality that is part of whatever e-comerce module you are using with your current system.

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If you're on WordPress I'm going to assume you're using WooCommerce for your transactions. It's been a long time since I've used WP or WC, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't an affiliate program extension. I'd look in the WooCommerce marketplace.

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