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Looking for secure login script


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Sorry if this is not the correct thread for this.

I am not a web developer, per-se. However I know enough to be dangerous!  😯

However I am creating website for a small business.  I'm at the point that I need to incorporate  login/authentication.

I don't need it on the index page, but I do need it on one other page.

I'm not having luck finding a script online. 

Can anyone point me to either a freeware or not real expensive login script with the following capabilities:

-sign up/register

-verify registration via email

-Login applies to one page (not index.html). I have a page with a php form that needs password protection

-Secure password creation/storage (MySQL)

-remember password

-change password

Thanks and appreciate comments.


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1 hour ago, ginerjm said:

Do you know how to code at all?  Cause if you don't you ARE in the wrong place.  And - if you are doing this project for a friend, he/she had better be a very forgiving friend.

Yea, been coding since the 80's...mostly machine code. But created a lot of javascript both client and server, more recently.   I understand the security issues.  I'm not an idiot. 


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That is good to here - that you are a coder. 

So - do you want to write this in JS or PHP?  If JS then you  should move to the appropriate forum since this is PHP.

If PHP - Do some googling for this topic and see what's out there.  Play with it and write something and put some echo statements in it to show what is happening and run it to test it out.  Be sure php error checking is turned on.  If you get problems that's the time to show us the code and point out where your error message is pointing to and ask for help with that.  We're really good at that stuff.

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