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Newbie Help needed!

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Hi all,


Please could someone show me how I could add rows into my mySQL database? I am using phpmyadmin. I need to be able to bulk add rows which contain information regarding filenames for an image gallery on my site.

This will then allow me to bulk upload images to the directory via FTP and then amend the details in the mySQL without going through the upload feature on my site which can only add 4 images at a time. I sometimes need to upload over 100 images at once and this would save a very arduous repetitive process!! Is there an easy way of editing and changing values stored in a mySQL database? Sorry for my newbie ignorance! I would appreciate any help!


Thank you in advance.


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I see no reason why you couldn't write a quick script to browse the contents of your gallery on the file system and populate your DB directly.

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