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Where to start to build php extensions...

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I'm just downloading the entire site under this [a href=\"http://www.usphp.com/zend.html\" target=\"_blank\"]Zend [/a] url.

I want to know how the extensions plugs in the php core, what I have to use from the PHP core, need I to recompile something with the extension? or just add it on the php.ini? or the httpd.conf? what is the difference between modules and extensions? etc.

Basically I need some examples for simple extensions.

I like to build some like I've posting on this topic

[a href=\"http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=83647\" target=\"_blank\"]Global array like $_SESSION[/a]

I can use those functions for memory handling, but I want to do this more easy, adding an superglobal array
to simulate the ServletContext that provides Apache Tomcat when you are programming JavaServlets.

I want to make this:

* an array that all scripts on the application (directory and child directorys) can set/get vars (objects/values/arrays)

Is it so dificult??

And if it is, better.

Thanks for all who wants to help, and particulary who helps me...


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There are two ways to load an extenension into php. either at runtime (via php.ini) or at compile time. There should be examples of both on the zend site somewhere.

If you want more in depth examples, your probably best just to go through the code for the allready existing extensions.

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