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Problem with ScrollBars and DIV's

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Hey Guys, Still facing the same problem as a topic i posted before.... I thought maybe a image may help a bit to explain.

I have a DIV that is resized via JS (which works fine) but when the DIV is resized to a height that is smaller than the content the scroll bars appear horizontal and vertical as shown in the image bellow.

The content box inside the DIV has the width of 100%

The problem is that i dont want the horizontal scrollbar to appear unless the width of the text inside the container is larger than the width of the resizable DIV.

Sorry it's confuzing i know... but im confused tried many ways and just cant seem to get it done! :(

p.s. i don't want to use the method of overflow-x:hidden;

Thank you in advance, Chris.

[img src=\"http://www.chrisdarl.be/hellppp.jpg\" border=\"0\" alt=\"IPB Image\" /]

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Well, for one thing, if it's a block element, there's no need to specify a 100% width-it will just do it automatically. Try getting rid of that declaration.

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