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PHP admin script?

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I was looking for something that I might be able to install with a few PHP pages that I made so that if someone wanted to change the content of them like inserting different text in the information sections or uploading a picture, etc., it could be done through a GUI.

Is there something out there that is like this?

I was looking at PostNuke but it seemed to be more like a forum than just a simple tool for changing HTML content, etc.

Can anyone help me out?

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Mambo is something that I find works well. But shouldn't this be in the Misc. Forum?

Sorry, I guess I missed the misc. forum.

Isn't Mambo a portal/forum editing tool though? I just need something really simple that offers a GUI for editing HTML code and uploading files....nothing too complex.

I found ones called 'Page Publisher' and 'ArticleLive', but they're all at higher cost. I would like to have something open-source, but I would be willing to pay if it was a perfect fit.

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