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Inserting data into a specific part of a row]

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Hi, i'm sure this is a really stupid question, but could anyone please tell me the command to insert data into a certain part of the table? It seems my command that i've used before is being tempermental :-/

I'm trying to change the value of my account (charname=Jeht member_id = 1) in the access field to 15 from null. I've tried this:

INSERT INTO members (access) VALUES ('15') WHERE charname = 'Jeht';

and its not happy with the "WHERE" part of it .... anyone plz help? and sorry for my noobness :-/

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Think update, not insert -- the row is already there!

Try the following:

[code]UPDATE members SET access = '15' WHERE charname = 'Jeht';[/code]

Make sense?

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