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trouble with dates


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On my users table on my mysql db i have a field called "lastlogin". This is the date when the person last logged on my site and is in the format "hh:mm:ss - dd:mm:yyyy" eg"13:46:28 - 18/11/2005"

I want to make something so I can see who hasnt logged in within (x) amount of days.

I know know to explode it so I can get just the 18/11/2005 bit but how would I make it so I can list only those entrys that havent logged in within (x) days?
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[code]function datediff($start, $end) {
    //will only work with date in format of dd/mm/yyyy
    $s = explode("/",$start);
    $e = explode("/",$end);
    $st = mktime(NULL, NULL, NULL, $s[1], $s[0], $s[2]);
    $et = mktime(NULL, NULL, NULL, $e[1], $e[0], $e[2]);
    $daysofdifference = floor(($et - $st) / 86400);
    return $daysofdifference;

$diff = datediff('18/11/2005', date('d-m-Y));

echo "days since last visit: $diff";[/code]
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