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Fireworks Menus & PHP

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Hi everyone! I am new here, looking for a little assistance from other PHP developers. I hope that someone could shed some light on this subject. --------------------

I am making a site using Dreamweaver and PHP, using Fireworks for my graphics. I made a navigational bar with some pop-up menus (using the pop-up maker built into Fireworks), but for some reason my submenus change location depending on which site you are on!

Go here to see the example page and [u]read my notes below[/u]:
[a href=\"http://www.candopowersports.com/navbar/specials.php\" target=\"_blank\"]Nav Bar Example[/a]

This nav bar is simple. There are 6 links, Showroom,Store,Specials,Credit, Directions, and Contact Us. Two links, the Showroom and Store, have pop-up menus underneath them. For purposes of showing the example, only 3 pages are working, the 'Specials.php' page, the 'atv.php' page, and the 'parts.php' page.

When you open the page, you will see you are on the specials.php page. I am using PHP to display the white 'over' state depending on which page you are on.
Now, mouseover the 'SHOWROOM' and 'OUR STORE' buttons. See how the menus appear below the buttons? That's how they are supposed to show up. YAY! ok, I will go on.....

Mouseover the 'SHOWROOM' and click on ATVs. You are at the ATV page, but mouseover the SHOWROOM menu again. See, it changes locations!!!! Do the same for the 'OUR STORE' and click Parts page. Now the other one has returned to normal and the OUR STORE menu acts up.

I can't figure out why they are changing like that, unless I'm missing tags or something and it's screwing it up. BTW, I haven't put any closing body or html tags on the pages yet. I am using IE v.6. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!

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Hi!!! Thanks soo much for the response.

Well, the menu in Fireworks IS written in javascript, which was made for me by the program. The only PHP code I am using is for the actual page content itself, and also to separate the code (meaning if the user clicks on a link such as 'contact us', the button stays in the down state and shows the proper page.
I can provide a code sample if you would like. It is not lengthy. I am unsure how to use CSS.

If there is an easier way to do this, I would sincerely appreciate any ideas. I just figured this was the only way to do it. My only needs are: 1. The page is a dynamic PHP page 2: The nav bar at the top with the drop down menus

So I guess I dont have many pressing needs.
Thanks much for your help! Let me know what you think.

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