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Please help

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I am having touble with this method. It's supposed to update records in a table.

function doModify($in){
        //$in[0] = "Mr";
        //$in[1] = "Jonny";  
        $sql = sprintf("UPDATE PersonalDetails SET Initials = '%s', Surname = '%s', Forename = '%s', Address = '%s', PostCode = '%s', TelHome = '%s', TelMobile = '%s', Email = '%s' WHERE UserID = '%s'",
        $this->escape($in['Initials']) ,
        $this->escape($in['Surname']) ,
        $this->escape($in['Forename']) ,
        $this->escape($in['UserID']) );//retrieves UserID from textbox
        // Trace the query in the NetConnection debugger
        // Run query on database
        $result = mysql_query($sql);
        // Check to see if the query did what it should have and return
        if (mysql_affected_rows() == 1) {
            return array("status" => "success");
        } else {
            return array("status" => "fail");
    } [/code]

Any suggestion will be very much appreciated


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Nothing obviously wrong to me -- try adding a mysql_error() call after you query() attempt and see what the server says.

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